15-Minute Golf Coach (15MGC) Mobile Application

15-Minute Golf Coach is the first and only mobile platform that provides players with an exclusive audioguide and videos

Golf is a truly dynamic game. The critical challenge for most players is developing a consistent, reliable set of skills. The simple answer comes from an experienced PGA coach who can provide maximum returns with minimal effort. You'll grow more with 15 minutes of focused drills than with hours of wasted effort.

15-Minute Golf Coach is the first and only mobile platform that provides players with an exclusive audioguide and videos. This award-nominated app allows golfers to engage their own seasoned coach while on the fairway or driving range. A combination of technique and focus provides users with maximum results.

The engaging interface provides a unique focus to the lesson at hand. When a golfer's game is more productive, the reward is immediate. Enjoy a cleaner game to share with friends.

Experience each focused lesson as you address the ball. Put in earbuds and watch a short 90-second video to explore a concept. Then listen to the exclusive audioguide with club in hand. At that moment, we bring the golfer, the course and our coach together in the same place and time. Players experience effective learning and growth.

15-Minute Golf Coach is designed to explore the many disciplines of the game. Users can systematically address a broad span of topics or investigate specific concerns.

For the cost of a single lesson, players can embrace a library of 32 tailored lessons - $29.99 provides access to a career of professional-level experience. With each lesson, the player spends time with a seasoned coach while on the fairway or at the driving range.

15-Minute Golf Coach addresses the concerns of experienced players and beginners. Growth is nurtured through tailored guidance, not endless repetition. Rediscover the enjoyment of the game through increased performance on the fairway.

15-Minute Golf Coach is currently available for Apple mobile phones.

Enrich your game.
Experience 15-Minute Golf Coach.

Contact Eric Albou at eric@15minutegolfcoach.com

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