10 Minutes to Fully Understand the Current and Future Rental Market for LED Display

Rental LED display is a LED display specially designed for stage performances and literary events. Compared with the fixed installation LED display, rental LED display needs to be moved and disassembled frequently. Because of the higher requirements on color, refresh rate, and stability, rental products positioning are more high-end than the fixed product in general. At first, due to the high price and the low using frequency by most users, it was mostly used in the form of leasing, so the product was named rental LED display. As the price gradually decreases, more and more users will purchase directly for long-term use.

Rental LED display, as a customized die casting aluminum cabinet design, light, thin and quick installation are its most important features, which make it suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications. It adopts synchronous control system and can accept various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc. Can play videos, pictures and other programs at random. 

Currently LED display is mainly divided into fixed and rental categories from a professional perspective. The main features of the fixed LED display are high resolution, high protection level, high gray level and high brightness; while ultra light, ultra-thin, quick to install and disassemble, and easy to ship of rental categories.

According to the data analysis of rental LED display applications, rental LED Display is mostly used on the stage. Since the stage has high requirements for refresh rate and stability, the product quality and reliability, etc. are especially crucial to provide an excellent solution for the stage.

With 13 years of LED display industry experience, YUCHIP has provided perfect rental LED display solutions and products for thousands of customers. There are many excellent products in many application scenarios of LED display, such as rental B, C, Q, H, F and other products. Each series is designed for different application environments, For more product details, please visit https://www.yuchip-led.com/led-display-product/outdoor-rental-led-display.

The following is a detailed description of the applications, accessories, features for these series of products and rental screen development trends and future trends of the rental screen industry.

1. Rental LED Display Installation Applications

Rental display is mainly used in stage, concerts, large-scale events, large opera houses, theaters, hotels, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, lecture halls, conference rooms, high-end entertainment venues, disco, night clubs, karaoke rooms, etc.

2. Rental LED Display Accessories

(1) Rental LED screen body: It consists of many unit cabinets. The screen body can be combined with horizontal and vertical unit boxes according to different size requirements. The LED display accepts the full digital signal output from the controller transmitted from the fiber for decoding and display. LED module, driving part, switching power supply and cooling fan are installed in the cabinet.

(2) Rental LED screen controller: It is the core equipment for LED screen information processing. By performing related operations on the signals, then output these signals on the controller or computer so that the display is illuminated and displays the desired related content.

(3) Computer: The computer can adjust and operate various parameters of the LED display on the controller.

(4) Power distribution equipment: sufficient power for the operation of the LED screen.

(5) Optical fiber: It is the signal transmission carrier of the LED rental screen system, which improves the quality of data transmission, shortens the distance of signal transmission, and transmits data more quickly and safely.

(6) Video and audio equipment: Provide video source and audio source for LED  screen. The video signal can be edited using a video editing device.

(7) System software: system software includes control software and playback software.

(8) Lighting system: In order to cooperate with the stage demonstration effect, the lighting system can add a more splendid experience to the stage.

(9) Magnet: plays a fixed role.

(10) Frame structure: to fix the cabinet

(11) Data line: used to transmit data;

3. YUCHIP Partial Rental Screen Features

LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series
Main features: Fully optimized for the characteristics of the rental industry. In addition to the characteristics of other rental products, such as high refresh, high brightness, high flatness of the cabinets, but also faster locker design, complete cabinet connection within one second, stable and reliable. At the same time, the bottom of the box is designed with a back of 17 degrees; which ensures that the edge of the module is not damaged at the moment when the box touches the ground at the utmost.

Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series
Main features: The F series is designed for the performance environment and can be used directly as floor screen. From the name, it can be known that ‘F’ stands for Floor. In addition to meeting all the requirements for rental usage, each cabinet of F series product can withstand a weight of 2 tons.

Outdoor Rental LED Display C Series
Main features:Of course, the C Series must also meet all the needs of the rental product, but the C Series mainly follows the previous design scheme, the product has a high grade of maturity, and it has an advantage in terms of price.

More product, please visit: https://www.yuchip-led.com

4. Rental LED Display Development Trends

As the speed of technology development is getting faster and faster, the requirements for rental screens are getting higher and higher, and the technology of LED display is constantly developing towards more modern technology fields. YUCHIP has the ability to lead the rental screen towards smaller pitches, lighter weight, more energy efficient, and more personalized.

5. The development and future of the rental screen industry

In recent years, rental LED display industry has been relatively stable. Enterprises headed by listed companies and large manufacturers are still firmly in the forefront of the industry. And followed by a number of medium-sized enterprises and many small manufacturers, showing a step-like industry pattern. In the future development of the rental screen industry, it will be the stronger still strong. As the capital influence gradually deepens, the gap between the enterprises with deep capital accumulation and the rest of the enterprises is gradually widening; the rise of the subdivided enterprises, the technical strength of professional brands should not be underestimated. In recent years, the types of LED display screens have become more and more clear, and the development of different types of LED displays is not quite the same; the speed of technological innovation will accelerate, and the pressure of technical competition in the industry will increase.

 In general, the development of the LED display industry is like sailing against the water. In the ever-changing display market, who can win more markets is not easy to guess, but it is certainly that who can continue to be devoted to researching products, he will get the customer and the market affirmation.

Through the above, YUCHIP believes that readers will have a deeper understanding of the rental screen. YUCHIP will continue to strive to provide customers with better display products and better solutions.


As one of the earliest professional LED solution provider in China, we have 13 years of technical and experience. We have passed the ISO9001 system certification.
Products are sold worldwide and have offices in Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and Poland. 
Our greatest aspiration is to come up with the most creative and high-quality products.

The YUCHIP has a 20-person R&D team that has developed a wide range of products for various application scenarios, such as taxi led displays; Indoor Ultra HD LED Display,Outdoor small pixel pitch rental led display, sphere led display,dual maintenance led display, Led poster, Transparent led display, etc.

Constant innovation, focusing on quality, is what we will always do.

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