$10,000 Raised for Life-Saving Lung Cancer Advocacy Group

Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CanSAR) received a check for $10,000 as the result of a donation campaign run by top indoor environmental health company, Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc. CanSAR works to save lives from radon-induced lung cancer through awareness and political action.

​​​​Just last week, executives from Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc. presented Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CanSAR) President, Kyle Hoylman, with a check for $10,000. The company’s call for donations to CanSAR began in mid-January of this year in conjunction with National Radon Action Month. Spruce asked each of its customers to add $5.00 onto their product orders through February with the promise of matching the total, dollar for dollar, with the goal of significantly benefitting this life-saving organization.

Spruce has been a supporter of CanSAR since its founding over ten years ago by radon-induced lung cancer victim and advocate, Liz Hoffmann. Through Spruce’s RadonAway® division, the company is the world’s leading radon fan manufacturer, providing products for healthier indoor air to professionals around the world. Spruce and CanSAR share a commitment to creating a world in which thousands of loved ones will not be lost to an insidious, preventable disease.

CanSAR is the one national nonprofit that gives a voice to radon-induced lung cancer victims, survivors, and their families, working toward increased radon testing and enacting legislative changes by raising radon awareness at community, state, and federal levels. Any home has the potential to have an elevated level of radon, and the only way to know if your home and family are affected is to test. The primary goal for CanSAR advocates is to see that every home is tested for radon gas, saving thousands of lives each year.

CanSAR founder Liz Hoffmann battled lung cancer for ten years, passing away in 2013 just months after testifying in front of Congress, something she had done before and felt was too important to miss. She stopped her chemotherapy for the week in order to make her trip possible. Her passion for changing the staggering death toll of 21,000 lives lost each year to this disease lives on in her memory and the efforts of CanSAR advocates to pass “Liz’s Law” in every state across America. This law adds a simple piece of paper to each real estate transaction, informing homebuyers of the benefits of testing for radon gas and treating their new home if elevated levels are found.

CanSAR volunteers have already helped to pass effective legislation in states like Minnesota, where there has been a 400% increase in mitigations, saving countless lives. Spruce will continue to support CanSAR as the organization moves forward, looking to bring together lung cancer victims and give them a voice, as well as a strong system of resources, to enact real legislative change.

A special thanks to the companies who donated as part of Spruce’s CanSAR Donation Campaign:

G.M.D. Construction, Inc.

S.W.A.T. Environmental

Radon Abatement Technologies

Radon Measurement & Elimination Services.

Superior Water & Air

Coletta Environmental

Radon Control Services (NC)


Chapin Environmental, Inc.

Radon Mitigation Company

Isothermics Company

CNY Radon

Radon Systems, LLC

Affordable Radon Mitigation (PA)

Be Safe Radon

AAA Radon Services Inc.

Central Virginia Radon Specialists

Mark Mitchell Radon Mitigation

Safe Shelter Environmental

Advance Home Inspections

All Pro Radon


Radon Diagnostic Services

Peter Beaupre LLC

Protech Home & Business

McBride's Water Advantage

Radon Mitigation Co.

NE Radon Doctors

Radon Remedies

Brookside Environmental

Radon Tom, LLC

Professional Home Inspection Services

Tri-State Radon Specialist

Acceptable Environment

Radon Control Professionals South

Quackers Waterproofing& Basement Repair

First Choice R & R

Aaron Radon Mitigation

Jacobson Heating

HSW Radon Contractors LLC

Morning Star Inspection

Radon Clear LLC

Mitigation Tech

Selective Radon Services

P.M. Carabin Inc.

Osten Construction LTD

D & R Radon Specialists

Advanced Environmental, Inc

Appalachian Environmental Group

Steel City Radon

Carpenter Radon Mitigation

Thor Wiebe Home Inspection Service

Fine Line Inspections

Zito Construction

Northern Environmental

JK Radon, LLC