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New Jersey Family Law Attorney Slams Documentary Divorce Corp for Inaccuracies and Slanted Reporting

Lynda L. Hinkle Esq. Says Divorce Corp. Discredits its Validity with Biased Accusations

Lynda L. Hinkle Esq., ( divorce expert and author of Breaking Up: Finding and Working with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney, was instantly put off by the one-sided message of Divorce Corp (, a documentary intended to expose practices within the U.S. family law industry.

Hinkle asserts that the film sets out on a mission to convince viewers that all lawyers are overpriced and part of a corrupt system dedicated to destroying families across the nation - all without considering the opposing argument.

"As a lawyer who does divorce, I have seen my share of inequitable results," says Hinkle." However, I am hard pressed to believe that all the stories presented were given careful vetting. I would have found it more plausible a story had they at least provided the reasons that the court used to justify it even if they disputed it, but to present these individuals as pure victims of a capricious wrong undermines the credibility of their reporting."

The film, which debuted in select theaters Jan. 10, 2014, touts itself as "the centerpiece of a nationwide grassroots movement to reform the US family law system." Director Joseph Sorge, who became interested in the topic after his own experience, takes viewers on an in-depth look at personal accounts of divorce and dealing with the United States family law system. In addition to exploring the financial burden of a modern divorce, the film touches on other criticisms such as alimony reform, trial without a jury, and custody evaluators.

For each argument presented, Hinkle presents counter-evidence in her blog, What She Said. In the Jan. 15, 2014, post Divorce Corp: The Movie, the Indictment, the Shaky Logic, she cites hourly rates as much as $250 lower than the estimates depicted in Divorce Corp as well as a time commitment of as little as two months, rather than the film's suggested eight years.

Hinkle also touches on the need to make informed, impartial decisions rather than ones based on emotion, hence the lack of a jury in family court.

Hinkle gives credit to a handful of accusations made in the film, particularly the discussion of alimony reform. However, the film's comparison to the Scandinavian and Swedish legal systems does not, in her opinion, solve the root of the issue.

"There's some essential truth missing here, and it tears down the credibility of some of the very real questions they raise about the efficacy and fairness of family court," says Hinkle. "Because they demonize one side and canonize the other, it completely and utterly eviscerates the validity of their argument."

For Hinkle's complete review, visit her blog, What She Said, at

About Lynda Hinkle Esq.
Lynda Hinkle Esq. graduated in with a B.A. in English and with an M.S. in Teaching from Rowan University. She earned her M.A. in English from Rutgers University - Camden and completed her J.D. from Rutgers University School of Law. In addition to acting as CEO and Lead Attorney of her firm, the Law Offices of Lynda L. Hinkle. She serves on a number of local volunteer committees including the Rutgers University, Camden, Alumni Association Board, the Burlington County Advisory Council on Women, and the Bellmawr Lions Club. For more information, visit

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