MTC Helps Canadian Car Crash Victim Get A Second Chance At Life

Pierre Bourdages from Canada chose Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC) to facilitate his leg amputation procedure in Mexico. MTC is one of the pioneering enterprises that gave a push to the concept of healthcare beyond international borders.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitated leg amputation surgery of Pierre Bourdages at one of the leading hospitals of the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez. Bourdages met with a car accident in 2007. After trawling several hospital and doctors for treatment, he finally chose to have his leg amputation surgery in Mexico. And to make his medical trip hassle-free, he availed the services of MTC.

Bourdages' surgery was done at a Juarez medical facility which is part of the largest privately-held hospital chain in the entire Latin America. The hospital is a stickler for high quality standards, and endeavors to provide quality care with warmth and empathy to enhance patient experience. The hospital offers a gamut of services and features which include language interpreters, emergency and intensive care units, rehabilitation, accommodation arrangements for patients and their accompanying guests, deluxe lodging, concierge service and even assistance in arranging for finances. While praising the hospital, Bourdages added that the facility and its employees were the best.

MTC works with highly skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons. The doctor who performed Pierre's amputation orthopedic surgery in Mexico has vast experience in bone and joint procedures, and has a long list of happy and satisfied patients from the United States and Canada. Ease of communication with the surgeon is an added advantage, given his proficiency in English and Spanish. The doctor has impressive credentials too. He is an international affiliate member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. While talking of his leg amputation surgery in Mexico, Pierre especially mentioned the surgeon and his support staff's gentle and empathetic conduct.

Medical Tourism Corporation provides attractive packages for above and below knee amputation surgery in Mexico. For Americans and Canadians, these packages are a welcome respite from the exorbitant costs and long waiting lists for surgery back home. Amputations are recommended in certain cases to arrest the spread of disease or pain in a limb. These are also advised in cases where injury suffered in the leg as a result of an accident might adversely affect other parts of the body.

As Mexico rises up in the list of value-for-money medical tourism destinations, a lot of Americans and Canadians are traveling to the country to circumvent high costs of surgery back home. Besides elective procedures such as dentistry and cosmetic surgeries, a number of medical tourists are also making a beeline for more "serious" procedures such as spinal surgery, and hip and knee replacement in Mexico. This can primarily be attributed to the availability of high quality care at a fraction of the US prices—minus any waiting periods involved.

According to Pierre Bourdages, whose amputation surgery was facilitated by MTC, his rehabilitation did not take long. He also adds he was lucky to have experienced only phantom sensation and no phantom pain at all. Even his family doctor was impressed by his surgery. Pierre was able to walk with his C-leg for six hours a day in just six months after his surgery. He looks forward to receiving a brand new OSSUR power knee next month.

Ciudad Juarez, Pierre's surgery destination, is easily accessible from the United States. Not very far from the El Paso airport in Texas, Juarez is a perfect medical tourism hub for North Americans. MTC is glad to provide gratis pick-and-drop services between the airport and the hospital. To ensure its clients get a smooth and hassle-free experience, MTC provides them with dedicated destination managers. From visa and passport expedite to hotel bookings at special discounted tariffs, MTC always strives to enhance customer experience by providing complete value-for-money services.

Pierre Bordages was able to get a new lease on his life by choosing MTC for his leg amputation surgery. In his own words - "Thank you for giving my life back."


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