McMillin Realty's Patti McKelvey Top In County For 2013 Unit Sales

Superstar McMillin Realty agent Patti McKelvey finished 2013 with 204 sales, 133 listed, the most units sold by any agent in San Diego County for the entire year.

Superstar McMillin Realty agent Patti McKelvey finished 2013 with 204 sales, 133 listed, the most units sold by any agent in San Diego County for the entire year. McKelvey, an industry veteran of 27 years, credits most of her success to her ferocious dedication to her clients and to her team, notably her son Jeff.

"This has never happened before, so we are thrilled," gushed McKelvey. "Every day I come to work prepared and ready to go. Last year we closed 204 sales, which means we had to do all of the particulars that go into a sale 204 times. Without my team in place, especially Lauren and Ashley, none of this would be possible. They keep us going." McKelvey shares a great portion of her success with her son Jeff, calling him the most critical component of her team. "He helps with all facets of the business and knows about everything; from home maintenance to our website, and he has been doing it for 23 years. It wouldn't be the same if it were one without the other."

Asked how she plans on following up on the successes of 2013 in 2014, she continued, "Every year you try to improve, even if it's just a little bit more. You can't rest on your laurels in this business. I always aim onward and upward, regardless of the year before." During the winter months, when the market is traditionally slow, McKelvey focuses her efforts on improving the mechanics of her business, constantly refining the processes that will make her clients' experience incrementally better.

"I have always said that Patti is our Olympian," stated Isabel Hall, General Manager of McMillin Realty, "Everything she does is at a higher level than most people would even consider doing. Her self-discipline, the extremely high expectations she places on herself, and the importance she places on time management are traits all Olympians exhibit. Patti truly earned this achievement, and I am so happy for her."

Before beginning her real estate career, McKelvey owned and operated a children's furniture company. "My experiences earlier in my career strengthened the skills I needed to become a successful real estate agent," shared McKelvey, "If I were to share one piece of advice to a new agent, I would tell them that they need to be consistent. Our job is to be a trusted advisor, to be dependable, and to build relationships. People want that dependability in order to give their trust, and the best way to do that is to be consistent and responsible. That is why I love being at McMillin Realty; they are about service, practicing great business ethics, and giving back to the community."

Patti McKelvey's status as a national top selling agent has opened additional doors. Later this month, she will be appearing on The Lunch Hour With Mr. Credit, heard weekdays at noon on ESPN Radio 1700AM. McKelvey is going to discuss The Corky McMillin Companies' latest groundbreaking San Diego development, Millenia. She will also offer real estate advice to listeners. The show may also be streamed live via the internet at

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