MBMA GROUP LLC Releases Science Based Children's Book: Mia and Mickey's Scientific Adventures- What Are the Five Senses?

'Mia and Mickeys Scientific Adventures: What are the five senses?' explores the five traditionally recognized senses in a fun, unique and interactive way.

MBMA GROUP LLC is a boutique publishing house that has released the 'Mia and Mickeys Scientific Adventures Series'. What are the Five Senses? Is the first release in a series of children's books that explores the five traditionally recognized methods of perception and encourages both physical and mental science investigation to support learning through active exploration. Through vivid characters and playful interactions, each book examines various fields of science and supports the importance of early exposure to basic science curriculum.

This book is an educationa​l tool for learning the five senses. One established standard, as expressed in the National Science Education Standards (NSES ), is that all children can learn science and all children should have the opportunity to become scientifically literate. In order for this learning to happen, essential experiences of science inquiry and explorations must begin at an early age.
The book is written for children ages 3-6 and has garnered considerable interest to date. The first book in this series entitled 'What are the five senses?' has reached number one the Amazon 3-for 4 lists in children's literature guides.

MBMA GROUP LLC is dedicated to promoting education and awareness. The group seeks to continue the series and utilize these tools and experiences to educate children, inform parents, and engage the public through the use of partnerships, community engagement and media platforms.

For more information about the first book in this series please see: http://www.mbmagroup.com/products.html

For more information about MBMA GROUP LLC please visit: http://www.mbmagroup.com/


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