Attorney David Lee Windecher, Releases the Acclaimed Top Selling Autobiography: The AmerIcan Dream- HisStory in the Making

The AmerIcan Dream is at once an inspiring account of a young man's journey from defendant to defense attorney, a window into the inner workings of one of Miami's most notorious drug rings, and a chilling portrait of the streets that America's poverty-stricken youth call home.

MBMA GROUP LLC, the Atlanta based boutique publisher, has remained dedicated to inspiration, creativity, education, and awareness with the latest bestselling release in Hispanic Biographies,  titled ‘The AmerIcan Dream: HisStory in the Making'.

Book Description: Raised impoverished in the streets of Miami, David Lee Windecher was only eleven years old when he was arrested for shoplifting. This story chronicles his journey from breaking the law to upholding the law. If you have lost faith in the American Dream, this book will inspire you to keep believing and continue dreaming.

David Lee Windecher is truly an inspiration to anyone facing serious life challenges. The AmerIcan Dream: HisStory in the Making is a piercing account of life on the streets and the frustrations facing today's impoverished youth. This book is a celebration of beating the odds and taking charge of one's destiny.

Sherry Boston, Solicitor-General of DeKalb County

About Mr. David Lee Windecher: David is a criminal defense attorney admitted to the practice of law in Georgia and Florida. He represents clients facing felony and serious misdemeanor charges. David is an expert in juvenile law and the expungement procedure. David is a recipient of the Client Distinction award issued by Martindale-Hubbell and is certified as an expert in DUI detection and standardized field sobriety testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In addition to his legal practice, David is a business owner, HLN Legal analyst, and motivational speaker.

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