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Levinter & Levinter Person Injury Law Firm Ensures Pedestrian Accident Victims Receive Fair Compensation in Toronto

In 2012, an astonishing number of pedestrian accidents with cars have occurred on the streets of Toronto, including a number of hit and runs.

This year an astonishing number of pedestrian accidents with cars have occurred on the streets of Toronto, including a number of hit and runs. Any kind of motor vehicle accident, from cars to motorcycles and trucks, can lead to injuries, and this is where experienced personal injury attorneys can assist those who have been injured in an accident of this type. During this difficult time, car accident lawyers in Toronto can be of great help.

Many don't realize The Highway Traffic Act specifically addresses accidents involving pedestrians. If a pedestrian is injured after a collision with a motor vehicle, the driver must prove that he or she was not at fault. Even for those situations where the pedestrian is deemed to have caused the accident, he or she is still eligible for benefits. This includes benefits for medical treatment, rehabilitation care and income loss.

Victims of an accident go through enormous stress: emotional, physical and financial anxiety. The victim may find himself or herself unable to work or care for themselves without assistance. Laws are established to help those who find themselves in this situation through no fault of their own. Levinter & Levinter, experienced personal injury lawyers serving the Greater Toronto Area and the province of Ontario, has the experience one needs when navigating the legal system.

Levinter & Levinter (www.levinter.ca) has a proven history of representing pedestrians involved in accidents as this is one of the specialties of the law firm. The attorneys assist victims to get deserved compensation for their pain and losses. The pedestrian has a specific time frame in which to bring a legal suit against the person responsible for the accident and so the sooner an attorney is hired, the more time available to prepare a solid case.

Verdicts and settlements vary based on the facts of the case. For instance, Levinter & Levinter represented a victim in a case where the pedestrian was dragged by a truck which resulted in serious injuries to the abdomen and lower limbs. The victim received a settlement of $1,417,129. Although the amount of compensation will vary based on the many particular facts of the case, professional representation helps to ensure fair compensation can be awarded.

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