Ontario Law Firm Levinter & Levinter Urges Prompt Legal Action in Personal Injury Lawsuits

Toronto injury lawyers Levinter & Levinter reveal the importance of pursuing legal action in a timely matter in order to receive compensation before the statute of limitation expires.

In the confusion and chaos that ensues after an accident, the victims of an injury usually seek immediate medical treatment, but don't immediately take legal action. In fact, in some cases, it could take months before the reality sets in that a victim will require compensation in order to maintain their quality of life. Levinter & Levinter, Toronto accident lawyers, clarified in a recent blog post the time constraints that apply to personal injury cases, and urged victims to proceed with legal action as soon as possible after being injured.

Levinter & Levinter explained that in Ontario's jurisdiction, the law that governs limitations on when victims can bring lawsuits is the Ontario Limitations Act. According to this act, the typical amount of time, from the date of the accident, to begin a personal injury lawsuit is approximately 2 years. However, they also noted that "the statute of limitation - the period of time within which you must commence your action - may vary based upon the specific nature of your case."

Although two years seems like a lot of time to bring legal action, victims of personal injuries sometimes don't realize that such actions are necessary until the long term damage of their injury has set in, and they are unable to maintain their quality of life. Rather than suffer the full costs of injury rehabilitation and treatment alone, it is important for victims to think about legal proceedings well before the two year statute of limitations sets in.

In many cases, even if a victim does not intend to initiate legal action immediately after their accident, care should be taken to document injuries as soon as possible. To further increase chances of success, victims may want to consider hiring a law firm specialized in personal injury. Toronto car accident lawyers Levinter & Levinter have been focused on helping clients through injuries for over 90 years. In particular, the firm specializes in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, dental malpractice, accident benefits, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and several other areas of practice.

To many accident victims, the prospect of personal injury litigation seems intimidating and arduous, but the short two year statute of limitations on legal action means that it is safer to begin the process earlier rather than later. In addition to helping victims win their civil litigation cases, Levinter & Levinter take care to help victims and their families through the litigation process as easily and painlessly as possible.

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