Kate Valentine Discusses "UFO's & Nukes" With Robert Hastings

Robert Hastings Appeared On The Kate Valentine UFO Show Continuing The Discussion On UFO's Monitoring And Tampering With Nuclear Facilities-Past And Present

Robert Hastings appeared as a guest on The Kate Valentine UFO Show, which airs on WVNJ 1160-AM at 1 pm every Friday in the NY Tri State area. His appearance follows the recent successful press conference Hastings co-organized with Robert Salas at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., September 27, 2010, where they presented their best evidence that UFO's do and have visited nuclear facilities here in the US and abroad, and while in the vicinity, missiles have malfunctioned. "Some pretty dynamic stuff" stated Hastings.

The Press Conference was open only to credentialed media and Congressional staff in an effort to focus media attention on the issue of ongoing U.S. government secrecy relating to UFO's in general and nuke related UFO activity in particular. The conference was covered by CNN, CBS, ABC and Fox among other main stream media, however some criticized the reporting stating the coverage of the press conference began and ended with the conference itself, no questions, follow-up or investigative reporting.

Mr. Hastings, author of "UFO's and Nukes Extraordinary Encounters At Nuclear Weapons Sites", brings his 37 years of research, hundreds of declassified US government documents and interviews with over 120 former or retired air force personnel who were involved in incidents at nuclear missile sights, test sights & storage sights as proof that "UFO's are interested in our nuclear weapons, and have not only monitored them decade after decade but have, on occasion, tampered with them, have temporarily activated missiles and have shut down missiles on a number of other occasions." Hastings

Kate Valentine and Mr. Hastings reviewed serious cases such as the 1967 Malmstom Air Force Base case known as "Echo Flight", the 1966 Minot AFB case referred to as "Launch In Progress" and the most disturbing October 4, 1982 case in the Soviet Ukrane among others. Hastings having interviewed personnel from every air force base in the US stated that virtually every nuclear missile base in the US has had these kinds of incidences.

Robert Hastings answered questions from The Kate Valentine audience from callers and from questions on the website. The entire interview can now be heard on podcast.

The Kate Valentine UFO Show airs live Fridays at 1pm and re-broadcasts Sunday at 4pm on WVNJ 1160-AM in the NY Tri-State area. Streamed and archived online, listeners can speak to Kate and her guests live during the show by calling (1-800-962-1160) or by posting a question or a comment, which Kate may read and answer during the show.

A Podcast is available free at iTunes or subscribeat the website.


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