UFO Media Coverage...A Career Killer? Kate Valentine Interviews Angelia Joiner

Angelia Joiner, Fortunate To Have The Opportunity To Report On The Best Documented UFO Sightings In The Past Five Years...Or Not. No Longer Employed By The Stephenville Empire Tribune, Ms. Joiner Appeared On The Kate Valentine UFO Show And Shared Th

Angelia Joiner, who is currently the host of The Joiner Report, appeared on The Kate Valentine UFO Show which airs weekly on WVNJ 1160 AM, Fridays at 1PM in the NY Tri State area. Ms. Joiner, who is known internationally for breaking the Stephenville, Texas UFO sighting story in January 2008, shared with the listeners the story and reports of the actual sighting, as well as, the details on her departure from the Stephenville Empire Tribune. A podcast of this interview is now available free on the radio show website: www.atlanticcoastufos.com or on iTunes.

Ms. Joiner reported, while working closely with MUFON national research director, Robert Powell and radar specialist, Glen Schulze, on the Stephenville Radar Report, they were able to confirm an unidentifiable flying object in the area on January 8, 2008. The object appeared on radar and matched in time and direction with eight of the witnesses on the ground. The witnesses included police officers, the local constable, business owners, all respectable members of the community. Radar measured the unidentified object traveling from 27mph to 2000mph. "It could go really fast and it could go really slow"-stated Ms. Joiner. When Kate Valentine pointed out the proximity of President Bushs' ranch, Ms. Joiner reported that President Bush was not on the premises that evening but the radar report supplied by the FAA showed the object within 10 miles of the ranch, which is restricted airspace. The radar report also showed several F16's in the area, traveling an unusual route.

Ms. Joiner, when asked by her editor to stop reporting on the "sighting' and just ignore the enormous volume of contacts she was receiving felt unable to do so. She and the witnesses were being inundated with media requests. Ms. Joiner states, "I knew these guys had been shaken to their core" and "they were counting on me to help them". Ms Joiner tendered her 2 week resignation. However before the 2 weeks could run its course Ms. Joiner arrived at work to find her work area had been packed up and cleared out. The question remains why? Ms. Joiner could only speculate.

Kate Valentine bemused by major medias handling of UFO coverage asked Ms. Joiner to weigh in. Ms. Joiner stated as a result of her straight forward news approach to the sighting, other journalists said it enabled them to do some of the same. She went on to say reporting on the UFO phenomena "has been known to be a career killer" using herself as an example. However, both Kate Valentine and Angelia Joiner agree, when the Unidentified becomes Identified it will be the story of the millennium.

The fallout from the Stephenville sighting may have been the end of Ms. Joiners career at the Stephenville Empire Tribune but she stated, "it was a life changing event. There's not one country that I couldn't go to that somebody wouldn't welcome me with open arms." Now more entrenched in the UFO phenomena Ms. Joiner stated "I have found the UFO community to be filled with some of the most intelligent people I've meet...it's not a community of kooks like some people think, wearing tin foil hats". Kate Valentine enthusiastically responded: "I couldn't agree with you more".

The Kate Valentine UFO Show airs live Fridays at 1pm and re-broadcasts Sunday at 4pm on WVNJ 1160 am in the NY Tri-State area. Streamed and archived online at: www.atlanticcoastufos.com, listeners can speak to Kate and her guests live during the show by calling in or by posting a question or comment on the website.


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