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IMT Nagpur Brings One Of The Foremost Researchers Of The World On Societal Complexities, Dr. Dorien DeTombe From Amsterdam To Nagpur

One of the leading luminaries of the world on Societal Complexity, Professor (Dr.) Dorien DeTombe was in India -and more specifically IMT Nagpur- recently.

One of the leading luminaries of the world on Societal Complexity, Professor (Dr.) Dorien DeTombe was in India -and more specifically IMT Nagpur - recently. Currently working with the Amsterdam University as the Chair International Research Society on Methodology of Societal Complexity, as well as the Chair Operational Research Euro, West-Euro, & Dutch Working Group Methodology ofComplex Societal Problems & Issues.

As the guest of IMT Nagpur for 5 days, Dr. DeTombe interacted with the management and Faculty on a diverse number of management issues. Addressing the industrialists, politicians and administrators of Nagpur, as well as the students of IMT Nagpur in an exclusive gathering on the evening of 5th of November 2012, Dr. DeTombe spoke with the remarkable insight of the truly learned, about the problems pulling India backwards in its bid for super-powerdom.

"Many components in the Indian society can be and must be improved," pointed out Dr. DeTombe while speaking to the student managers from IMT Nagpur . "India has numerous problems in agriculture including too much of monoculture and over-cropping. Avian diseases like Bird flu keep occurring with alarming regularity. Overfishing and bad treatment towards animals are also major issues. Industrial pollution seems to be growing significantly every year. Pollution of air, water and soil, which ultimately leads to death of human beings and animals. There is an inevitable connection between bad environment and low wages of labour."

Dr. DeTombe, who is credited as the founder of COPRAM (Complex Problem Handling Methodology), then set out to explain how it has proven immensely helpful to political decision making in the western hemisphere on complex societal issues. The COMPRAM methodology is advised by the OECD (July 2006) to handle Global Safety.

"COPRAM is a six step process," elaborated Dr. DeTombe for the benefit of her audience at Vadarbha Industrial Association (VIA) in Nagpur. "It starts with a team of experts modeling the issue, followed by actors - state or private -modeling the issue power. In the third stage experts and actors together finda suitable intervention. The fourth stage ofcourse is handling societal reactions to the recommended intervention. In the fifth stage the Intervention is implemented, and in the final stage it is evaluated."

Suggesting that India must reach sustainable energy development by providing the benefits on a wider scale and socializing the debts, Dr. Dorien DeTombe said that in any societal problem it was necessary to know three things - What is going on? What is involved? And who are involved? Her parting message for all present to ponder on was - Prevent too much damage to the earth... for contemporary and future growth.

Ever since its raising in 2004, IMT Nagpur has shared a symbiotic relation with the city that houses it. Both have gained immensely from each other, with the ultimate gain being of the young managers of the future that IMT Nagpur produces. Dr. Dorien DeTombe's visit to IMT Nagpur was precisely such an example.

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