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Whenever it comes to computer security; nothing reigns more true than how valuable it is to keep protection of your client's personal identification information (PID) secure.

Computer Monitoring For Small Businesses
Whenever it comes to computer security; nothing reigns more true than how valuable it is to keep protection of your client's personal identification information (PID) secure. Realizing what risks pose the most threat to your network integrity is one of the first steps in protecting yourself and your clients from potential security risks that could result in a security leak. One of the major threats posed to a network's security is one of the last things most people think about -- your employees.

Employee Monitoring For First Line Defense
Whenever it comes to employee monitoring software, the new release of iMonitor EAM (Employee Activity Monitor) from software company iMonitorSoft provides you with 360 degree protection that is vital in ensuring your network security from uneducated or disgruntled employees. With the ability to record every employee's actions on your computer and across the network, it provides in-depth reports on daily activity and alerts that can cause potential problems to your network security and data integrity. iMonitor EAM is so in-depth it can ever track movement of files across a employee's profile on your network, to ensure confidential data has not been sent to any outside sources that do not have the required access.

Aside from file movement, it can also track all forms of file transfers in general; ranging from all the most popular email programs, all the way to file transfer programs. If data is leaving your network and access an outside network (like the internet) you will be the first to know. Even if the employee tries to get around the system, you will also be alerted to this attempt; whether they use chat programs in an attempt to release sensitive data, or popular social media sites to bring in harmful programs.

Social media sites and email provide one of the biggest threats to a small business network and sensitive data; you will be able to not only track the employee across these platforms but also be able to block them from visiting them altogether. Also, whenever it comes to harmful files infiltrating your system, the employee monitoring software provides a first line of defense for prevent harmful files on your system, through its intricate reporting dashboard.

The Centralized Employee Monitoring System
All within the containment of one server, you can monitor thousands of computer and employee interactions within the network from one dashboard that has complete control granted to you, a one stop center for your network's incoming and outgoing security checks and risks. This software operates on the client software in a "spy" mode that prevents the user from not only seeing the software, but even being able to close out of it in order to bypass the security measures. Better yet, the setup is not even costly, do you not have a server for your business, or one readily available in order to run this software? No worries, you can order a VPN server or even run it from a stand-a-lone computer on your network so the start up costs are low, and the maintenance cost will not make a dent in your current information technology budget; making this a formidable first line of defense in your employee monitored secure network.

Whenever it comes to auditing an employee's actions whether it be for security risks, or productivity, you are provided with a full list of the users actions within just a few clicks from the dashboard. Every action, every key stroke, is available to you. This can prevent costly and time consuming measures usually required by hiring an outside information technology specialist to come in and do intrusion reporting and testing; instead just stop it from the source, and handle it on your own with just a few click of the button.

Real Time Alerts Provided By iMonitor EAM
With a fully customizable setup of this software, that is easily catered to your needs; you can receive real time alerts from a number of employee interactions. These alerts range from them plugging in a USB drive ( the number one way an employee can potentially lose or trade sensitive data) or even if they try to access a site that can be harmful and is already blocked (facebook and other social media sites.) These alerts can help you audit employee interactions with the network as they happen, to provide corrective action and education on why they should not use these particular devices and sites on the company network.

Take Computer Monitoring to The Next Level
Computer Monitoring Software has had its fair share of limitations. With this employee monitoring software you can track up to ten employees at a time with remote desktop connections; this means you can actively remote desktop into ten users computers from your desktop to actively watch exactly what they do. In the event you suspect a user has been leaking sensitive data or has been accessing sites not deemed appropriate in your network acceptable use policy; this method can allow you to look into the daily activity of your employees. Watch them in action to provide you with a real-time method of following their actions, and an immediate way to address the issues to network security.

This is just a part of the total 360 employee monitoring software and mobile spy that iMonitor EAM offers; for a low cost and the countless preventative measures it adds to your network security and data integrity; you can not go wrong with the latest software from iMonitorSoft. If you have been looking for a total user monitoring and computer monitoring software, this may very well be the software for you. A majority of the competitors require a costly setup; coupled with a server solely dedicated to running just this software. In order to save on hardware space, software costs, and provide a convenient way to track the number one source of sensitive data leaks and network security risks, the complete 360 employee monitoring software from IMonitorSoft is your network's saving grace.

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