Google Partners With French Publishers, Forces Out Apple And Amazon

In a book-scanning dispute Google made truce with French publishers by settlement.

Google, the famous online search company was weathering a number of copyright issues. Out of all of them, a significant copyright issue with French publishers was settled on Monday for a book scanning project. The lawsuit was filed by the association of publishers from France against Google in 2006. The association with 6,000 members came about heavily against the company for their scanned efforts on books and sending the file/e-books over the web.

Violations and copyright issues have been instigated against Google by a large number of other firms as well. The deciding factor in favor for Google has been the "fair-use" principle of digitizing books and sending them over the World Wide Web from the US copyright laws. Throughout Europe and outside US a number of publishers and online companies have been at the helm of issue for copyright violations that are numerous. Google has become a partner with the French publisher for the sales of digital editions of the books it has been publishing over the web. A slight hitch in the overall schema of the settlement is that Google would not cover the publishing of the books through its competitors like Amazon Kindle stores or Apple's iBooks.

There are a number of similar copyright issues that are being faced by Goggle presumably, since it has a 97% market share and anything the company aspires forward in terms of technology in the digital marketplace might lead to offending privacy and sustainability issues of copyright norms and web policy. Securing the distribution rights for Google on a majority of reflective violations might take a setback in other ways as seen in the French example where the resale rights over web are provided or allowed for the settling companies. A major interpretation of such partnerships and digitization of online services or product have yet to reach a milestone in relation with Google.


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