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Global Learning Collaborative High School Selects Mando Mandarin Online Chinese School For 3rd Year In Row For Mandarin Instruction For 2012-2013 School Year

Mando Mandarin Online Chinese School Provides Engaging and Intensive Mandarin Chinese Instruction

The Mando Mandarin Online Chinese School announces that the Global Learning Collaborative High School in Manhattan has renewed its contract with Mando Mandarin for the third year in a row. The Mando Mandarin Online Chinese School is considered the premiere school for teaching Mandarin Chinese in the United States. The Global Learning Collaborative High School has an emphasis on fostering global awareness and preparing students for the global world.

"We are very pleased and honored that the Global Learning Collaborative High School has selected Mando mandarin Online Chinese School for a third year in a row to support their teachers ," said Michael Cheng, Founder and President of the Mando Mandarin Online Chinese School. "This continued relationship demonstrates the success that the Global Learning Collaborative High School's students have had with the Mando Manadrin Online Chinese School."

"We believe that learning a second or third language is a critical part of developing the skills of global competence," said Jennifer Zinn, Founding Principal of Global Learning Collaborative, New York City Department of Education. "Our students have the right to explore communication in multiple languages and the obligation to explore the languages and cultures of the world. Studying Mandarin is a critical part of our work in helping New York City students understand the world outside of their experience and the reality in which China, Chinese culture, and Mandarin are a big part of the world they live in. We are proud to have our urban youth exploring this new language and the enthusiasm they show when speaking in Mandarin in our hallways, with visitors, and when they travel to China"

"We love the program, the teacher is amazing, and the collaboration is really strong! We will continue to work with Mando Mandarin because their program is so strong," continued Zinn. "Our on-site Chinese teacher learned a lot from the new activities, games, and methods for teaching Chinese from your teacher."
Mando Mandarin specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language using a unique, cost-effective, 21st century approach. Classes are taught online by live, professional instructors from China who use webcams and distance-learning software to connect with schools, businesses, and individuals throughout the world. Distinguishing itself from other computer-based language training programs, Mando Mandarin provides students with the ability to interact with a real native Mandarin teacher while learning to speak, read, and write Chinese and Chinese culture.
The school's methodology has combined TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) styles from the top universities in both China and the United States, and was formulated by its Education staff who have a combined Chinese teaching experience of over 30 years. Over 100 grammar rules are summarized -- this is very important to note because grammar often is the most confusing part when it comes to learning the language. This "East meets West" combination allows Mando Mandarin Online School to borrow the best approaches to language education from both sides of the world. This school year they we are preparing to make revisions to our materials so they will prepare students for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in Mandarin Chinese.

"Students learn very fast with our unique method" says Cheng. In just as little as two hours, students will be able to say sentences that begin with "I am, I go, I eat, etc." and basic greetings and responses, take a taxi, and more. In only ten hours, students will learn to pronounce 100 words. In 36 hours, students will be able to hold brief conversations with other Chinese speakers. "The positive response from our clients has been tremendous. In just two years, we've grown from teaching 50 students to nearly 500 students in 33 schools in 15 states."

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