HANDTRUX® Backhoe To Be Distributed In Canada By Stortz and Associates

Toy Has Been A Hit Since Its Introduction - The HANDTRUX® Backhoe model turns a child's hands into a digging machine.

TenTonToys, a division of Evergreenriver announces that it has reached an agreement for its popular new toy, HANDTRUX® Backhoe to be distributed throughout Canada by Stortz and Associates. The HANDTRUX® Backhoe model turns a child's hands into a digging machine. These unique sandbox sized dirt machines look and work just like the Big Iron and with the patented "handraulic" power-grip hidden inside each machine, you can really do precision digging and excavate sand, loose dirt and mud. It was one of the hit toys that was highlighted at Toy Fair 2012. The toy it is made entirely in the United States.

"We are very pleased to have reached this agreement with Stortz and Associates to bring the HAND HADNTRUX® Backhoe to children in Canada," said Ernest Autumn Van Den Heuvel, CEO and Inventor of the HANDTRUX® line. "HANDTRUX® allows children to have hours of fun and also by the way it operates piques their curiosity. I know that we will see strong demand of the product line in Canada with this agreement."

Van Den Heuvel first came up with the idea of HANDTRUX in 2000. The HANDTRUX Backhoe is the first in a series of "sandbox size dirt machines that look and work just like the Big Iron." Made of plastic, these colorful toys are recommended for children five years of age and up. Since its introduction, the HANDTRUX® Backhoe has earned strong reviews. It was inducted into the National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, featured on the CBS TV Early Show and won a toy audition at FAO Schwarz in 2008. The company intends to introduce the HANDTRUX® bulldozer and the HANDTRUX® dump truck into the toy market in the near future.

Stortz and Associates are Canada's leading importer and distributor of Eco Friendly Toys, The toys distributed by them draw consumers to Specialty Toy Stores, Bookstores, Game Stores, Comic Book Shops, Drug Stores and University Gift Shops across Canada. Their products can also be found in hardware stores, children's apparel and gift shops.

Additional information on the HANDTRUX® Backhoe may be found at www.handtruxtoys.com.

Additional information on Stortz and Associates may be obtained at www.stortz.ca.