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Grid-Tools, the leading Test Data Management vendor offering end to end test data solutions for traditional and Agile development, has solved the issue of quickly extracting coherent sets of data from multiple backend systems.

Grid-Tools have introduced a new feature called Data Cloning to their flagship product, Datamaker™. The suite now contains the functionality to be able to pull smaller segments of coherent test data from various production and development systems and clone the data into other systems. The data cloning feature can move data from production to development or between development environments. The data can also be cloned multiple times allowing users to create many copies of rarer data scenarios.

Many companies who currently offer products in this space rely heavily on complex data moves, which are slow, difficult, and cumbersome to co-ordinate. Grid-Tools' interactive tool has the ability to get the data required on demand, in minutes.

Huw Price, managing director of Grid-Tools, comments: "The ability to clone selected data easily from one system to another system opens up a whole new way of working for development and testing teams. As the size and complexity of systems have grown the agility of development has suffered, systems are often late and application quality is not as good as it should be due to the lack of good test data.

"This new data cloning feature within Datamaker™ tackles this head on by allowing users to define what data they need across multiple, interrelated systems and then building a small data mining extract to copy and "clone" that specific data into development or QA systems.

As the data is cloned new keys are assigned, data is masked so it is also secure, as well as being coherent across multiple systems. The result of this intelligent data cloning is much better integration and end to end testing." Price adds, "This "test data on demand" facility also reduces the need to copy complex and bulky subsets of masked data so often. Users can request the specific sets of data they need immediately via the online portal."

Price also commented: "The ability to clone a set of data multiple times allows QA to repeat complex and rare tests many times. Data often gets used up and being able to replicate the data many times is an invaluable and revolutionary feature within test data management."
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