Llyr Jones Invited to Speak at the IIBA

Llyr Jones, Senior Programmer at Grid-Tools, the leading Test Data Management Company, has been invited to speak at the North West Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) on 24th Ap

Hosted at the BBC's MediaCity in Salford, the North West Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIIBA) event will focus on the issue of Stakeholder Management, a vital component in securing the success of any major software development project.

"In my experience, the key concept to remember is that communications go from C-level to managerial level and through to the implementation and testing teams and if there are problems in communication, then the message diverges and significant problems arise," said Llyr, "At Salford, I'll be discussing a practical and logical route to remove ambiguities and ensure that stakeholder expectations are met."

Grid-Tools has encountered numerous instances where attempts to develop new applications failed because of a lack of clarity in requirements specifications - the documentation that describes how the software should perform. And over half of all software defects (56%) can be traced back to ambiguous requirements.

"It is why we developed Agile Designer, a tool that allows Business Analysts to show the logical flow of decisions in a visual format," adds Llyr, "and even if there are changes added to the specification, it can accurately reveal what impact that can have on project complexity and cost.

"Business Analysts have a demanding role keeping all stakeholders on side and ensuring that the project can deliver. A tool like Agile Designer means that all decisions can be reviewed easily and with clarity, a vital piece of kit when so much is at stake."

For further information, contact Grid-Tools at www.grid-tools.com.


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