Former Canadian Cabinet Minister OF Defense Paul Hellyer Discusses The Necessity For UFO Disclosure

Former Canadian Cabinet Minister Paul Hellyer, Delivered A Wake Up Call On The Kate Valentine UFO Show, Discussing The Monetary System, The Banking Business And The Importance UFO Disclosure Could Play In The Survival Of This Planet.

Kate Valentine welcomed the Honourable Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Cabinet Minister to The Kate Valentine UFO Show, which broadcasts live every Friday at 1PM EST, in the NY Tri-State area on WVNJ 1160 AM and can also be heard live, streaming online around the world.

Pual Hellyer, became the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally "UFO's are as real as the airplanes flying overhead." Author of Light At The End Of The Tunnel: A Survival Plan For The Human Species, Paul Hellyer joined Kate Valentine to discuss his view on why he believes UFO disclosure is an absolute necessity for human survival on this planet.

Mr. Hellyer, who Kate pointed out "has an informed opinion given his position in politics" confirmed "there is an extraterrestrial presence on the planet at this time and that that presence is in contact with at least one of our governments".

Mr. Hellyer, spoke with some urgency, strongly suggesting the American taxpayer request Congress perform their duties and find out; how much money (taxpayers money), has been spent through the years for black operations, what has been accomplished and to what purpose. He stated he was "particularly concerned that they may have developed exotic energy sources which would make it possible for us to transform the world from an oil economy to a clean energy economy" and that "this was being kept secret by the people who have a private interest in maintaining the oil economy, because of the trillions of dollars in assets they want to cash in on, but this would be done at the expense of the future of humankind".

Mr. Hellyer's stated that "the two biggest secrets in the world are 1) How the monetary system works and 2) What's been going on with UFO technology and that disclosure in both areas are necessary.

Mr Hellyer described the relationship the two have discussing the banking industry who he believes are "responsible for the mess we have in the world today". He spelled out how over the years the banks have taken away the governments sovereign right to create money and today create all the money as debt. "It's absolute fraud, it's a real racket and the consequences are absolutely horrendous".

Kate Valentine who has been interviewing researchers, physicists, authors etc., for some time now said "what floors me, is that you are of Cabinet rank and you are absolutely certain there are alien species here on this planet?" Which Mr. Hellyer responded "yes there have been and as far as I know there still are". He followed this with some examples of conversations he's had with former military personnel and others who told him they witnessed alien beings working at government facilities.

Mr. Hellyer ended with "this is a long story which should be told".

This important interview is now available free on podcast or on iTunes.

The Kate Valentine UFO Talk Radio Show airs live Fridays at 1pm and re-broadcasts Sunday at 4pm on WVNJ 1160 am in the NY Tri-State area. Streamed and archived online, listeners can speak to Kate Valentine and her guests live during the show by calling in or by posting a question or comment on the website.


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