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Firearm Tracking Has GPS Technology

Quickly and efficiently track a lost or stolen gun by using the new Firearm Tracking system which employs GPS.

The ability to track a lost/stolen firearm or an illegally sold firearm would greatly benefit law enforcement agents. Firearm Tracking is an integrated electronic monitoring system specially designed for use with firearms. Using GPS technology, it provides a technologically advanced way to quickly and efficiently track a lost or stolen gun, in addition to identifying the owner of the firearm. Not only does this device graphically point out where a firearm is located, it also traces the path the gun is moved. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Firearm Tracking.

The Patent Pending Firearm Tracking was invented by Lydia Chabrier and William Stringer, Sr. of Severn, MD. Both Chabrier and Stringer are former federal agents. Lydia Chabrier has 23 years of criminal investigative experience with IRS-CI and William Stringer, Sr. has 32 years of law enforcement experience. They said, "Cleverly camouflaged within a gun, away from the barrel, is a high-tech computer chip, which sends signals to the designated GPS satellite. The satellite transmits this information to a specially designed program that works in conjunction with the National Crime Information Center. "

They added, "A Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer, upon the sale of a firearm equipped with the tracking device, enters the gun's information into the NCIC, and thus activates the tracker. A check would only be instigated if federal agents determine an illegal sale has been made or if a gun owner reports a stolen firearm. As such, only sanctioned investigators would have access to the Firearm Tracking system."

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