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Feathers in Different Hues Introduced by Feather Treasures

Feather Treasures comes up with a huge variety of cruelty free feathers, which are available at reasonable price and in all possible hues to meet the needs of all types of consumers around the world.

While most feathers share a common overall structure, they are available in different shapes and sizes. The change in the feather structures is due to the different kinds of specialized roles which they need to play. Feather Treasures is an online retail feather (cruelty free) selling stop where one can get a wide variety of feathers in different shapes, sizes and colors and in an impeccable condition. The types of feathers they deal in are listed below:

Pheasant feathers - Feather Treasures deals in the naturally shed peasant feathers in vivid patterns. The long and soft tail feathers are most exotic and in demand. Below is the variety of pheasant feathers available:

• Ringneck Pheasant feathers
• Goldentail Pheasant feathers
• Lady Amhurst Pheasant feathers
• Reeves Pheasant feathers

Cocktail feathers - Cocktail feathers in sizes of 8 "-10 " and 12 "-16 " are available in different hues of colors like bronze, lilac, red, golden, emerald, dark purple, baby pink, coral, lime, apricot, grey and chocolate.

Biot feathers - These biot feathers, available yard wise, comes in tangy colors of black, blue and lime.

Hackle feathers - The beautiful 4"-6" hackle feathers are available in shades of brown black and dark purple.

Nagorie feathers - The 5"-7" nagorie feathers are available in all possible shades, like: Dark and medium blue, royal blue, turquoise, aqua, emerald, dark and light purple, grey, hot pink, medium pink and well as light pink, lime, yellow, orange, red, coral, white black and many more. They have a remarkable variety in shades.

Zebra Pheasant feathers - the 30" exotic looking zebra feathers comes in stripes as the name says. They are again available in different shades of colors and the diagnostic shading gives the colors a new meaning altogether and a new look.

Turkey flat feathers dusters - the beautiful, cheap turkey feathers are versatile and are sold in abundance. They are soft, well built dyed feathers available in all possible colors to cater the needs of the buyers.

Ostrich feathers - Ostrich feathers, which are well known for decoration purposes since a long time, are available in different sizes of 12", 13", 14", 18" and 20" and in bright decorative colors.

Nando feathers - The 18" long nando feathers is available in different colors in a bunch of 10 pieces per bunch.

Saddle feathers - The finest luxury saddle feathers, available in 6"-10" size comes in hues of red, blue, pink, purple, black, green and yellow.

Peacock feathers - the incomparable 30"-40" long peacock feathers, which are used for making some of the most delicate fashion accessories, are available in natural as well as dyed colors.

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