Most Beloved and Famed Italian Festival - Carnival of Venice

Blow-off the winter gloom and get ready to be a part of the world famous and much loved Carnival of Venice or Venetian carnival! The carnival is starting from January 31st and will end on February 17th, 2015.

With the start of the carnival season, the demand of feathers has increased significantly, and to fulfill the rising demand of customers, Feather Treasures has added fresh stocks of top-quality, natural plumes in different shades. In every category of plumes, you will find wide range of sizes and colors to buy the most appropriate and fine-looking plumes for carnival celebration. You can make costumes, feather wings, headpieces or headdresses and masks to celebrate different types of carnival in different ways. The site is offering wide variety of quills, including Pheasant, Ostrich, Cocktail, Peacock, Hackle, Saddle, Turkey, etc. to let you make sophisticated and attention-grabbing carnival costumes and other accessories. 

Carnival of Venice is approaching now, and to celebrate the festival in disguise, Feather Treasures is offering natural plumes with some attractive and beneficial offers. You can buy your preferred plumes to craft creative and mesmerizing masks in different shades to make the carnival celebration par excellence. It is the most loved and famous carnival of Italy, celebrated with elaborated and beautiful masks, dance and other cultural events. This popular Italian festival is unique in terms of its history, stylish masks and fun-loving atmosphere. The carnival was first started in the year 1162 to celebrate the victory of the Serenissima Repubblica over the Patriarch of Aquileia. Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists come to Venice to see and participate in this splendid carnival. 

Fancy and colorful dresses and elaborated masks are the center of attraction of this carnival, making the celebration unique in all terms. Also, wearing stylish masks on the carnival exhibits the strong and deep-rooted cultural values and Italian tradition, giving people an opportunity to re-live and experience Venice of 18th century. On this occasion, wide variety of masks is made, using different materials like leather, porcelain, glass and feathers to make the carnival celebration beautiful and distinct. Moreover, the masks made have a symbolic meaning and practical function to catch people’s attention. Some of the notable masks of the carnival include Bauta, Columbina, Medico della peste (The Plague Doctor), Moretta / Servetta muta, Volto (Larva), Pantalone, Arlecchino, and Zanni. 

So, make the Venetian carnival celebration memorable and more delightful by making masks with natural feathers. For this, you can buy variety of feathers from Feather Treasures at affordable cost. 

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