Fairies & Mortals Delight at The Cupcake Cafe

One look at the gorgeous display and you'll understand why it's become many New Yorkers' favorite baker.

A centuries old delight, cupcakes first debuted in cookbooks as early as 1796. By the early 19th century, cupcakes had evolved truly into "cup" cakes-baked in individual cups instead of a larger multi-muffin tin. Soon they became known as "Fairy" cakes, a delightful reference to the fact that their diminutive size might just be perfect for a group of fairies to share.

Today there are all kinds bakers competing to be the best in the cupcake world, particularly in New York City. Yet, if fairies are indeed alive and well-- the only spot they would fly into and choose to celebrate the enchantment of dining on fabulous little cakes would certainly be at The Cupcake Cafe, which can be found in the Heart of Hell's Kitchen, right on Ninth Avenue between 40 & 41st Streets.

A staple of the neighborhood for those in the know for more than 25 years, the cupcakes are truly in a class of their own. With perfectly sweet butter cream frosting, brightly colored and artistically shaped into exquisite flowers as vibrantly alive as the brightest fields of Provence, The Cupcake Cafe confections are as delectably tasty as they are exceptionally beautiful.

Cupcake ingredients are basic: butter, sugar, eggs and flour. Yet, it is the variants and combinations of vanilla, chocolate, walnut, carrot, lemon, maple, mocha, peanut butter, mint and salty caramel -- whether in the cakes or the finger-licking buttercream frostings -- that make the indulgences at The Cupcake Cafe not just appealing, but memorably delicious as well.

Whether you wish to make your own day more special or want to bring some more festive color, flavor and joy to any occasion, stop in for a visit. (For the record...the coffee, too, is delicious!) The cupcake counters are always plentifully filled with both small and large cupcakes, and custom designed cakes in round and rectangular shapes, can be designed to to serve up to 120 fairies, friends or associates, as well. The Cupcake Cafe is open seven days a week. Store hours, Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm; Sundays 9am-7pm. 545 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10018. Call 212.286.9975

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