Facebook Gears Up For London Olympics 2012

Facebook launches its new 'Olympic hub' feature for athletes and Olympic enthusiasts to share updates of the upcoming London Olympics 2012.

The buzz is that the organizing committee of London Olympics is gearing up for the mega event of the year in a big way. It is also heard that this year's Olympic is going to be more social than ever in the history, with Facebook dedicating a page to the event. In this context, Facebook launched its "Explore London 2012" page, which will feature the profiles of the participating athletes to 'subscribe to', sports to 'like', representing countries and teams to 'follow', etc, in the event along with the news highlights and updates during the event. The International Olympics Committee has also begun to call it as "Social Olympics" and hence, this step of Facebook will help to get a concrete shape to the committee's idea.

However, as the committee has already granted permission to some renowned journalists and news channels to cover and telecast the event, players will not be allowed to post images or videos on the social network during the event. Users can only get new highlights and messages on the network, sources reveal.

Facebook officials mentioned that some athletes have already begun to build their following on the network. Furthermore, the page has seen more than 2.8 million 'likes', with imagers for London gearing up for the event, user polls, and news of the summer games since its launch. The page also features images from the history dating back to 1908 London Olympics.

According to a report, the Olympic focused page by Facebook, the "Explore London 2012" will be a pure Olympic hub that will contain no advertisements. Adding to this, the report also mentioned that the page will not feature updates from certain countries like China, as the network has been banned in that country.

The mega event of the year will however will also make its presence felt among its enthusiasts through other social networks like: Google+, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Instagram as well.


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