Toshiba's New 'Excite' Tablet Is Light And Performs Well

The newly released Toshiba 'Excite' tablet is light and does a fine job of computing.

The newly released Toshiba tablet called 'Excite' is lightweight and offers a good performance. The tablet runs on the Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" system software which is lighter and thinner than any other tablet in the market. While being 0.3 inch thick including 1.8 pounds overall, it is one of the best launched tablets. There are a number of small buttons maintaining a sleek look but do not go well for the tablet.

The features of the new Toshiba tablet are alluring and includes two new cameras- a 5MPXL behind the tablet and a 2MPXL facing the user. A 1080 video capture for the Toshiba excite tablet is inclusive while the HDMI cable is not. The screen indicates a 1080 x 1920 pixel display.

The battery life is expectedly 8 hours and this newly launched tablet Toshiba has quite some capability as against Apple iOS. In preference to the competing tablets Toshiba has some good features for the customer. The Twitter and other social networking platforms can be integrated with the tablet fairly easily.

By building a Toshiba tablet in conjunction with Android might have a good choice for the consumer, as this is a mature platform. While Toshiba has included many an interesting features there is evidently no available marketing strength with the tablet.

The pricing for the Toshiba excite tablet is about 549$ that is competitive on the scale of other tablets while adding new TI OMAP 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a full 1GB RAM.
The features include 16 GB of data storage memory and the application area has some good new apps & headings for the user.

There are a number of new apps that enhances the look and appeal of the tablet making it much more interesting for the customers. While the market is replete with a majority of tablets, Toshiba surprisingly does not have any new marketing from ads, banners and videos.