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Eco-To-Go Solves Food Take-Out Problems

The Eco-To-Go provides a secure, user-friendly, safe way to store, transport, and reheat food whether from a restaurant or a home kitchen.

Do you take your lunch to work or transport foods that will be reheated later?The Eco-To-Go is a line of environmentally friendly and food safe, BPA-free food storage containers. Food in the Eco-To-Go can be safely handled, stored, transported and reheated, without the risk of harmful chemicals or toxins leaching into the food during the reheating process.

Not only for home use, the Eco-To-Go is also well suited for use in restaurants, catering companies and other foods service establishments as a safe way to store, reheat and serve food to others. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest.

The Patent Pending Eco-To-Go was invented by Susan Ritter of Little Neck, NY, who said, "Eco-To-Go has a thin shatterproof and hard BPA-free plastic outer shell that is lined with a thin layer of tempered glass to further protect the integrity of foods. Offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, the Eco-To-Go units are in three forms- a standard open receptacle, one that has two separate storage containers in one unit, and one that has three separated storage compartments. A soft plastic, snap fitted cover manufactured of BPA-free plastic material is included and the Eco-To-Go line can be offered in standard clear versions, as well as in a variety of colors and stylish patterned designs. The shatterproof plastic shell protects the overall integrity of the Eco-To-Go, helping to retain its structural integrity should the unit be dropped. This outer shell also remains cool to the touch when microwaved."

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