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Dr. Jeffrey Holmes Aka Dr. Accessibility Offers Lecture Series On Student Success And Access

Dr. Jeffrey Holmes of Patricia Berkly LLC offers intervention for colleges reflecting on student retention efforts.

Dr. Jeffrey Holmes aka Dr. Accessibility has developed a lecture series to assist colleges in improving access for their student success initiatives. As a strategic administrator and systems oriented expert, Dr. Holmes provides in-depth analysis of college processes and develops faculty and staff interaction which yield best practices for student success. When a disconnect between front and line staff, faculty and decision makers exists, the students may fall between the cracks.

In these troubled economic times, colleges are looking to quantitatively measure how students are succeeding based on course completion, persistence from term to term, student retention, degree and certificate completion. Other considerations are transfer, career and job placement and measures that encourage accountability. As the statistical analysis is developed colleges are discovering that each number and percentage point lost in success is a student life.

A critical element for all stakeholders is access to real time information about changes in procedures and resources. When all involved have the most up to date information, all parties are in the best position to make informed decisions and make informed action.

To better engage all stakeholders in efficient systematic problem solving, Dr. Accessibility recommends focus groups, cross training for department staff, inclusion of student perspectives, and analysis of systems to eliminate bottle necks and critical decision junctures.

Dr. Holmes' charismatic presence and intuition in regard to policy development, and the political landscape on the local, state and national levels make him a well sought after trainer, consultant and keynote speaker. His academic interests which reflect a commitment to data driven assessment and decision making include providing access and equity for an ever shifting college community. Dr. Holmes is part of the Patricia Berkly LLC consulting team, enhancing the innovation, creativity and transformational problem solving for organizations and regions, and communities which has been a hallmark of the Patricia Berkly LLC services.

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