Discounts on Knee Replacement in Tijuana from Medical Tourism Co

Leading healthcare tourism facilitator Medical Tourism Corporation has announced special discounts for knee replacement surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

Medical Tourism Corporation, an industry leader in facilitating medical vacations abroad, is now offering discounts on knee replacement surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Americans and Canadians who cannot afford the life changing surgery back home should now be able to afford the procedure on the other side of the border that will enable them to walk free of pain and stiffness.

Those who have misgivings about getting a knee replacement in Mexico can set their minds at ease with the knowledge that Medical Tourism Co. works with only the top-rated surgeons and hospitals in Tijuana. The hospitals and orthopedic clinics in MTC's Tijuana network are modern, state-of-the-art medical facilities that serve large volumes of foreign patients.

The staff, accustomed to dealing with medical tourists, understands that it can be unnerving to go under the knife in a foreign place, so they strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Doctors in Tijuana are expert physicians with training and work experience both in Mexico and the United States. And orthopedic surgeons in Mexico are held to strict standards that are on par with those north of the border. They publish papers in medical journals and are active members in domestic and international medical associations. The only major difference is how much they charge.

It is a common misconception that one must sacrifice quality in order to receive discounted medical care in Mexico, but this couldn't be further from the truth, especially when one employs the services of Medical Tourism Co. It isn't shoddy medical care or outdated equipment that makes the cost of knee replacement in Mexico so affordable. Rather, there are differences in how the medical and educational systems are structured in Mexico that keep prices low.

For example, one reason medical expenses are so high in the United States is because doctors are mired in student loan debt. Doctors in Mexico do not have near as much loan debt as their American peers, which means they do not have to put this burden on the patients.

Doctors also do not have to hound insurance companies for reimbursements they know they'll never see, which also becomes a factor when it's time to print the bill.

Furthermore, the low cost of living in Mexico plays a part in low prices, as does the practice of many hospitals and clinics to offer package deals that include all medical fees, tests and hospital stays. Foreign patients are often grateful for these package deals being so upfront and honest-no hidden fees thrown in at the end.

Having knee surgery in Tijuana, although extremely convenient for residents of the southwestern US, is advantageous to all North Americans, no matter where they call home. Because Tijuana is right on the US-Mexico border-directly across from San Diego, California-many patients are able to keep the their travel costs low by taking only domestic flights. MTC can arrange for free airport pick-up service from the airport in San Diego, as well as the one in Tijuana; and they often drive patients around the town during their free time to experience the city. A knee replacement surgery may require you to not wander around too much for a few days after your surgery, so you will have to check the details with your doctor before you plan any excursion.

Tijuana is a busy Mexican city with much to offer tourists. It has excellent shopping, entertainment, and nightlife options, not to mention the abundance of delicious, authentic Mexican food.

Although Spanish is the dominant language in Tijuana, the city's popularity with tourists-principally with day-trippers from San Diego-has made English widely spoken in the city center and other areas where tourism is popular. And language should definitely not be a problem inside the clinic, as most of MTC's network doctors and staff speak decent English.

Medical Tourism Co. has years of experience facilitating medical trips to Mexico and other countries the world over. Those who are interested in taking advantage of MTC's discounts on knee replacement surgery in Tijuana can fill out a form on their website to receive more information, as well as a free estimate of how much the surgery might cost them.

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