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Carla B. & EOTM Public Relations (EPR) Welcomes Award Winning Author & Recording Artist Lourdes Duque Baron

EPR is proud to welcome recording artist Lourdes Duque Baron to our musical cadre.

Multifaceted recording artist Lourdes Duque Baron announces her new PR representation & single "Me & Mr. Jones," slated for release May 2014 & her album 'Feeling Good At Any Age," set for release in June. The magic was made at the historic East-West Recording Studio in Los Angeles, featuring X Factor contestants and music's newest masterstroke, The AKNU Brothers and produced by the critically acclaimed award winning producer, Andrew Lane, the genius behind Pop sensation, Hanna Montana's early fame. The 2012 Billboard Awards Winning producer has also worked with artists such as Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara. As a producer and songwriter, Lane has received gold and platinum accreditation's for his work with R&B artists Speech, Keith Sweat, and Alsou. He also worked on the platinum-accredited records; High School Musical, Disneymania 4, and Manny Fresh.

A prolific creator. "I now know the purpose of my life," Lourdes says with a twinkle in her eyes. "The album was never a conscious plan...it just happened," she added.

Her vocals have been likened to music icons such as Donna Summers, Eartha Kitt & Amy Winehouse and "Me & Mr. Jones," well her rendition epitomizes the back in the day....funky, fresh, grown up, Motown sound...which is a style all its own and if we had to dissect further...let's just say -- a labor of love & pain...soul musical vibes with distinctive characteristics, melodic and chord structure, a "call and response" singing style that takes the listener back....way back....back in the day... when things were cool & hot...when all we needed was bop-bop, bop-bop, bop-ba-domp - Ooh, bop-bop, bop-bop, bop-ba-domp...and well, well, well.

There was a such thing as good feeling music --- and its back!

Catering to society's intrigue with sexuality, Lourdes aim is to inspire women of all ages - yes - child, sexy mature women can teach y'all a thing or two - on how its done....the proper way. Paying homage...specifically to the baby boomers.

Pay close attention, Lourdes Duque Baron stuns at 67, with vocals and pizazz and the diva has no problem educating the novice on how to release that fierce, sexy fire ball -- nestled inside of them all.

The Olivia Newton Johns, Tina Turners, Chaka Khan's, Lourdes Duque Baron's, Jane Fonda's, Sharon Stone's, Marie Osmonds -- of the world - don't snooze on them...you may just slip up and miss that power ball or soul flower --- well, well, well.

"There's nothing more beautiful than a woman who discovers, explores, embraces and maintains her sensuality and having the courage to be who she is," remarked Lourdes. "Knowing that your limits, boundaries, or expiration dates are those that you set for yourself," she added.

Andrew Lane has been instrumental in Lourdes discovery of her gifts and has helped release her music to the world. His collaboration extends to her management company, Tsunami Entertainment, of which Lourdes is the founder and owner. Their mission is to help develop and promote exceptional talent and bring their dreams to a reality.

Lourdes Duque Barons talents are unlimited — she has performed on the stage, television and beauty pageants around the world, and at age 64, taking the title, '3rd runner up for Mrs. Asia USA 2011' -- representing the Philippines. Her love of performing comes from her passion of entertaining others and she turns to the higher purpose of inspiring people in all aspects of her work. Carla B. & EOTM PR truly looks forward to the future of this multi-faceted performer and author!

Follow Lourdes on Twitter @AuthorLouBaron and "Like" her on Facebook!

For more information or to interview Lourdes Duque Baron, contact EPR, a full service Branding, Marketing and Public Relations firm at 213.290.3573 or email PR@EOTMRadio.com. Visit www.EOTMMediaGroup.com.

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