Alaska Fashion Week Announces 'Me & Mr. Jones' Singer To Open AFW 2014

Meet 67 year old Breakout Music Artist of the 2014 LA Music Awards, 3rd Runner Up For Mrs. Asia 2011, Award Winning Author Lourdes Duque Baron, the Diva who sang her way into Fashion Folklore -- as part of Alaska Fashion Week 2014.

Lourdes Duque Baron takes flight to the spectacular city of 'Northern Lights' to perform her hit single "Me & Mr. Jones" (, it's more than just a pretty light show.

This hot new artist leads listeners on a surreal psychedelic soul musical journey while grappling one of Hollywood's most pressing issues, 'Can I Be Relevant After 50"?

Lourdes says, 'Hell Yes!"

These days it's almost impossible to create a moment in fashion that continues reverberating through our cultural consciousness even after it disappears into the depths of our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds. And yet we're still boasting about babe/newbie, Lourdes Duque Baron.

Moreover, whoever said life stands still as we reach our golden years was highly mistaken. Mrs. Baron, a little shy of 70 is making major waves in music and wants the whole world to know that YES, you can 'Feel Good At Any Age.'

Baron's music is a testament to the artist embracing her spirit and allowing herself to be inspired enough to "create something a little different."

The full-throttled, whipping her hair back and forth, teeth-gritting,(excuse my expression) ballads...that this chick belts, well folks -- be prepared, if 'she' is 'new to you,' because this prima donna...'Mrs. Baron' if you're nasty --- plans on rattling and momentarily obliterating Alaska Fashion Week's unconscious stance to the ordinary.

Be sure to fasten your seat belts because you will be part of something revolutionary! And when it is all over -- you will discover exactly who Lourdes Duque, if you're nasty Baron really is.

On May 30th Lourdes says hello to Alaska's Northern Lights, tomorrow...maybe Paris, Milan, Montana, Tokyo .... we hope you join us!

Visit the event website for more information: - Follow on Twitter @AFW2014 @LourdesDBaron.

About Alaska Fashion Week
The idea of creating AFW was in the mind of the founders as they would say, "for awhile." In 2012, after a crucial article from the Travel Leisure Magazine, calling Alaska the worst dressed in United States" the group decided to work on AFW to change that statement. Their first year was in 2013 and now AFW is quickly becoming a fashion event to be reckoned with. — Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

About Lourdes Duque Baron
Lourdes Duque Baron, MHA, MSG, is a Catholic baby boomer and the wife of Dr. Robinson V. Baron. She is a community leader, international published book author of "Scripted in Heaven", beauty queen (3rd runner-up for Mrs. Asia USA 2011 representing the Philippines), producer, president of Celestial Productions and founder/president of The Baron Publishing House Corporation.
On January 10, 2013 she was nominated for The Sidney Hillman Foundation Award for her book "Scripted In Heaven" On February 12, 2013 she was nominated for the 2013 EOTM Award for her published book "Scripted In Heaven" in the category of Outstanding Literary (Inspirational, True Story, Biography). On February 28, 2013 she won an award for her book "Scripted In Heaven" at MoneyCytec Achiever Awards Night 2013 in New York.

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