Boomer Guard: Designed For The Elderly, Sick And Disabled

Lions Images Productions, LLC Announces Their Newest APP: Boomer Guard. Designed For The Elderly, Sick And Disabled. It takes the same concept as the WEBB: SG only it doesn't dim the screen and it makes direct two-way voice contact with 911.

Designed through the eyes of an Anxiety and Panic Attack Survivor.

The basic concept was to give the elderly, sick and disabled a reasonably priced personal electronic bodyguard, that was every bit as good and in most cases better than Life Alert, ADT or Five Star and no subscription is needed. It is based on the Android smart cellular phone operating system. It is like having Emergency Services 911 at your finger tips with one press availability. Highly effective for anyone suffering a panic attack, heart attack, stoke, a person who got lost, falls, home invasion or any other kind of emergency either inside their house or away from their home. An example might be at the golf course, the mall, the supermarket, the beach, the casino or anywhere else on the face of the earth. With the press of the Blue Home Page Button GPS is activated and Emergency Services is contacted for a person in a medical emergency or unforeseen need for help. The person engaging the "Button" will be located and help will be summoned. A friendly and courteous "911 operator" (Not A Call Center Operator who would need to then contact 911) will be waiting on the other side of the call to help in a moments notice.

This Product Is A One Time Purchase. Good For The Life Of The Cell Phone. (Not A Monthly Subscription).

Below is a list of facts that makes this product far superior to Life Alert, ADT and Five Star:

1. Less than half of the price of many others monthly subscription price and a one time purchase price of $7.49

2. No contracts.

3. Direct two-way voice contact with 911 in the United States. (Not a call center)

4. Can be useful beyond just the home or anywhere worldwide.

5. Can be used with any Emergency Services number in any country anywhere on the globe.

6. Designed to help people who are elderly, sick or disabled.

7. It gives the elderly, sick or disabled freedom.

8. Great way to allow people with health issues to travel.

9. Gives the user the confidence of knowing they are a simple press away from help anywhere.



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