BlackHillsGoldSource Introduces Affordable Line of Household Jewelry Cleaning Products

New products make it ridiculously easy to keep Black Hills Gold jewelry looking like new.

For over 135 years, Landstroms has been making the original Black Hills Gold jewelry. And for nearly seven years, BlackHillsGoldSource has been providing a huge selection of Landstrom's jewelry online. Landstroms Black Hills Gold provides a special allure offering an intrinsic, hand-made quality from American craftsmen. But each piece that Landstroms makes is more than every-day jewelry, rather it has become a cherished piece of American history that will be handed down for generations. With this in mind, BlackHillsGoldSource has recently launched two new jewelry-cleaning products aimed at helping people easily and economically keep their Black Hills Gold jewelry looking like new for the generations to come.

Their first new product is a special jewelry polishing cloth made from soft cotton flannel infused with high quality cleaning and polishing agents that work extremely well on gold and silver. According to Michael Amato, owner of BlackHillsGoldSource, "Our new jewelry care cloth will safely and quickly clean, shine and protect your Black Hills Gold and other jewelry." The cloth measures 4 by 6 inches and consists of two inner cleaning cloth sections and two outer buffing and polishing sections. Amato says, "Its compact size fits right in your purse or glove compartment, making it always handy, and perfect for a quick shine before that luncheon or dinner engagement." The cloth is also treated with tarnish inhibitors that are especially effective at keeping sterling silver jewelry looking its best.

In addition, BlackHillsGoldSource has also just launched their new ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. This portable electronic device uses a water bath and high-frequency vibrations to safely clean jewelry and other valuables. The 42,000 hz vibrations create millions of bubbles which gently agitate and remove dirt particles and grime. The unit has 18 timed cycles to choose from up to 30 minutes, depending on the level of cleaning required. According to Amato, "One thing that sets our unit apart from the rest is our timer settings up to 30 minutes, so you can set it and walk away knowing that your jewelry will look like new again when you return." And if more cleaning power is needed for unusually dirty items, a small amount of liquid detergent can also be added to the bath water. Of course, if touring the Black Hills on summer vacation, one can visit Landstrom's plant in Rapid City and have their Black Hills Gold jewelry professionally cleaned for free. But Amato advises, "We highly recommend regular cleaning of your Black Hills Gold rings to remove daily build-up of dirt, oils and cosmetics." And this portable unit was designed to do just that.

Black Hills Gold jewelry is a style of jewelry that was birthed out of the mining camps during the Black Hills Gold Rush in the late 1800's. After over a hundred years this American art form received notoriety in 1980 when a Federal court ruled that for any manufacturer's jewelry to be legally called "Black Hills Gold", it must be made in the Black Hills. South Dakota has named Black Hills Gold its official state jewelry ever since. Landstroms is the original Black Hills Gold, with roots dating back to 1878, and BlackHillsGoldSource has worked as a Landstroms online distributor since January, 2007.


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