BlackHillsGoldSource Slashes Prices On Landstroms Black Hills Gold Jewelry

With gold prices at their lowest since September 2010, Landstroms and BlackHillsGoldSource have instituted an across-the-board price cut on their complete line of quality Black Hills Gold jewelry.

A Good Time To Buy Black Hills Gold?

With gold prices at their lowest levels since September 2010, Landstroms has instituted an across-the-board price cut on their complete line of quality Black Hills Gold jewelry. Following suit, and in order to offer their customers the best prices on Landstroms coveted jewelry, has also lowered their price on every single piece in their online catalog of over 1,000 popular Landstroms items. And they've updated their prices on where the company lists most of their inventory as well.

What's driving the drop in gold prices? Well, it's the result of a number of things. First, the 10 year Treasury just hit a 22 month high this week, luring investors away from gold. Secondly, the S&P 500 has been a roll since last November rising over 20% since then. And third, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke indicated this week that he intends to cut back the US central bank's stimulus program. Of course, it's much more complicated than that. But whenever there's a rise in optimism, such as that evidenced by this month's 10% jump in the Consumer Confidence Index, the idea of owning gold to guard against risk becomes less attractive.

BlackHillsGoldSource owner Michael Amato says he's "breathed a sigh of relief" now that prices have come down. Amato says, "Gold has been like a runaway train for the past few years, making it both difficult to maintain consistent prices and more costly for our customers." According to Amato, Landstroms has been stepping up design and production of their more affordable Black Hills Silver line to provide valued customers with fresh new styles at a more affordable price than gold.

But with the recent pull-back in gold prices, BlackHillsGoldSource prices have been reduced by an average of over 10% in this one price reduction alone while some popular Black Hills Gold rings have dropped over 30%. And prices may drop further if gold continues its rout. But Amato cautions, "This reprieve was well-needed, but there's no way to know if it will last, or turn back around on us."

With the rise of middle classes in India, China and South America, as well as continually increasing uses in technology, the demand for gold will likely continue to rise. But for now, folks can once again buy Black Hills Gold jewelry at reasonable prices. With the 4th of July almost upon us, BlackHillsGoldSource has already launched its Summer Sale coupon with another 10% off across-the-board. Amato assures, "For years BlackHillsGoldSource has brought you the best Black Hills Gold, but we also want to make sure it is always affordable."

Specializing in Black Hills Gold wedding rings, is committed to making quality Landstrom's Black Hills Gold jewelry available to every household in America, and beyond.


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