A Real Story "Working In America"

This book is incredible!!! You will find helpful information regarding today's workplace in America. It is full of information that younger and older adults will enjoy reading, and learning from.

Working In America
Times are Square
By Jason F. Coulter

An excellent source on today's working environment, success, and pitfalls.

Flint, MI - Vingineering is excited to announce the release of their new book "Times are Square," written by a Flint, MI native Jason F. Coulter, M.B.A. Coulter credits the city he was born and raised in (Flint, MI) as the pilot of all U.S. cities for the de-industrialization that has taken place across America. He has witnessed firsthand how a state (Michigan) and country (U.S.), considered as the Mecca of automotive manufacturing, can downsize into a minimal existence at all. Coulter does a fantastic job in expressing the necessary desire and passion needed to become successful within these dynamic times, and the array of downfalls to avoid.

Since 2001, the U.S. economy has become a battle ground for employees seeking job placement and stability. A lot of employees are either unemployed, under-employed, bouncing from job to job and city to city, or have completely given up. Coulter recalls journey after journey, as he valiantly struggles to obtain direct employment and a career of longevity. Most Americans have had similar experiences and this book is a strong voice representing American workers dismay. How can one can work so hard yet have nothing to show for it, or lose all that was gained?

Today, many kids are still entering college with hopes and aspirations of one day becoming an elite and professional in some sort arena. These young-adults are living lives of faith to reach their ultimate goals, even though the American job market growth rate is unable to accommodate the growth of new employees entering the market; nor the employees currently in the market for that matter. This book shows what it takes to become one of the lucky few, and what each grad can prepare for during their pursuit.

The information provided through this book has been developed from personal experience and researched data alike. Coulter is a Michigan State grad and has worked at 12 Fortune 500 companies since the new millennium. Students, young-professionals, seasoned professionals, and retirees are all recommended to read this book as a way of closing communication gaps, a part of curriculum studies, or to prepare oneself for the slow economy they are embarking upon. This is the most intimate look inside of one of America's greatest challenges, Corporate America, from an outside-in vantage point.
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