A Professional Take On Facebook And Social Media Stocks

Martha Stokes, CMT returns to Facebook to explain the challenges it faces and whether its stock value can really grow.

Facebook, one of the most infamous stocks, is now 6 months old as a publicly traded stock. It had the worst possible debut but has since stopped dropping price. Many investors want to know, is it now a good time to buy? What about the other social media stocks, such as LinkedIn and Google Plus? Are they worth considering for investment?

There's so much hype around the social media industry, and especially Facebook, that Martha is reviewing this topic again to dispel the rumors and give investors a better idea of what they can realistically expect from these stocks.

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On Martha Stokes, CMT Live Radio next week, Martha takes listeners behind the scenes for a look at what is going on beneath all the chatter and recommendations for Facebook's stock. She will discuss this company in depth. Is its stock value turning around? Are its marketing strategies going to work? Martha will then give an analysis of social media companies at this time.

Learn what's missing in the news and on the internet. Remember, the news is designed to incite emotion in order to sell newspapers and advertising. It is not designed to help investors. Want to be entertained? Buy a newspaper or surf the web for current events. Want the facts about stocks in the news? Listen in to Martha Stokes, CMT Live Radio at

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