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ZipUp Ceiling Is Now Available to Finish Open Basement Ceilings

Zip-UP Ceiling® is a perfect PVC paneling system for finishing basement ceiling and replacing damaged bathroom ceilings

Now available for contractors and DIYers: Zip-Up Ceiling PVC paneling system, featuring a flat, grid-free non-corrugated washable surface. Zip-UP Ceiling® is an aesthetically pleasing and economical alternative to acoustic or drywall ceilings when finishing an open ceiling in a basement or replacing a damaged ceiling in a hotel unit bathroom, food prep area, or clean room, or at a receiving dock.

Made of durable interlocking PVC panels and rails and meeting Class A Fire Rating, the durable Zip-Up Ceiling System assembles in just six easy steps with only a few components and tools. The surface is paintable, impervious to water and mold- and mildew resistant, and unzips for cleaning and access overhead. The system saves on lifecycle costs compared to acoustic and drywall ceilings which have to be replaced when moldy from dampness or water. The manufacturer warrants that the system is free from defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for 25 years from the date of purchase and that the components will continue to zip together for that time.

The installation is much easier than conventional drop ceilings. Here's how: The E-shaped wall trim attaches to walls around the entire periphery. The main rail runs the length of the room or space and attaches to the joists. The panels, which are the visible surface of the system, zip into the rails (and unzip for access and cleaning). The ceiling drops down only two inches, saving headroom. Contractors have noted that installation of Zip-UP Ceiling can take just half the time as the closest competitive system.

Zip-UP Ceiling comes in two finishes and colors. These are smooth and serrated, and white and beige. The panels are paintable with latex paint (and high-gloss will enhance light reflection). The main rails, panels, and wall trim come in multiple lengths. The panels are 1' wide.

Contractors looking to expand revenue stream as a dealer or installer/dealer should contact Charlie Lammers, general manager, to discuss opportunities.

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