ZarVic Brothers: Q & A: Wealth, Strategy, and Risk

Today ZarVic Brothers spoke about there unique methods and investment strategies. This was conducted as a phone interview and was very interesting, they spoke candidly at times, and other times would not reveal core strategies.

I was fortunate to sit down with one of ZarVic Brothers Vice Presidents and have a conversation. At times it was challenging but overall a very deep ad interesting conversation.

Q: How Valuable is This Investment Opportunity to a Investor?

Stirpe: Well when you are talking about the current economy that includes lack of jobs, the cost of goods and services going up, that include the essentials of gas and food, not to even mention healthcare, utilities, or how pension funds are over exposed in certain areas with a lack of diversification, and the whats funny when they use the number of people out of work or that dont have a job, there is a big hole in that number, because many people have just gave up looking for jobs, so who knows what the real number is. Now add into this all the talk with high frequency trading and the stock market is rigged, it paints a bleak picture. To put it bluntly when it comes to investments people are on there own. The average investor, middle class, to wealthy, and now baby boomers. most people admittedly are not that savvy when it comes to investing, or diversification of investments, the mass majority of people think the only investment opportunities out there are stock market driven investments, they see tv stations that broadcast the stock market all day and listen to folks talk about it, so the masses of people feel thats the only opportunity that exist.

To offset the instability and procure this we have created an opportunity that has a vast upside potential and protects the downside or protects the investors principal. To make a long story short, if a deal or opportunity falls apart and fails, the downside is the investor gets there principal back with whatever interest was earned in a money market account. This is extremely valuable, especially to diverse someones portfolio, and to look for an alternative way to invest.

The value is the transparency, and protection of principal, it also gives the smaller investor the opportunity to invest like a larger investor.

Q: Interesting, What is ZarVic's Minimum Investment for Someone to Participate, and Can You Talk a Little about the Process?

Stirpe: The minimum is $15,000 and the funds are held with in our Counsels escrow account, the entire time of the investment. On rare occasions we do have to use a third party escrow account.

Q: What is the Typical Time Frame of These Investment Opportunities?

Stirpe: We like to say 100 days but they could take up to 150 days, so to be safe 100-150 days.

Q: How Does ZarVic Connect Your Investment Opportunity or Investment Style to the Problems That Exist Today in the Investment World, What is Your Solution?

Stirpe: Our biggest prerogatives are transparency and safety of principal. We have all witnessed the Madoffs, Sanfords, and other big name groups, that have either gave bad advice, been in trouble for insider trading violations, either inadvertently or intentionally, there names are synonymous with not doing whats right for the investor.

So the lack of trust just isnt there anymore, and I dont blame any investor, this is part of what i said early, investors are on there own, and many of them dont really know what to do or what to invest in, so they can turn on a tv program and learn what to do and get advice from there.

So our solution is to be able to tell a potential client that there funds are in a escrow account, the investment opportunity is 100% transparent, and walk them through the process of the investment, this is so there is no misconception, or surprises.

Q: What do You Think the Biggest Benefit of This Type of Investment is, Specially for the Average Investor?

Stirpe: Not to sound repetitive, but I think the safety is a big issue with people, and knowing where there money is, as well as what they are investing in. When you invest in a hedge fund, historically nobody knows what they invest in, you open an account, deposit money, and hope for the best. With our approach its transparency, and the elimination of risk, tied in with a low leverage investment that maximizes profit and eliminates risk.

Q: What Does ZarVic Invest in with These Opportunities and What Type of Profit Can an Investor Expect?

Stirpe: I will say this, we do not invest in the stock market, or stock market driven products or instruments, and we do not invest in the commodity markets, or insurance products. The risk as you know is way to high in those areas. I realize the stock market has done very well over the past recent years, but at the same time we have all heard the other side of the stock market success stories. So we look for opportunities in commercial real estate and businesses within the private sector. I cant really say a return we give out, i dont want to mislead anyone who reads this, but we try to evaluate the opportunity and perform our due diligence with our proprietary strategy, if we do have success and we do complete a deal our investors are paid 20% of the profit, like i said early if a deal or opportunity falls apart and does not complete we give back the investors principal or they can maintain there account and we look for another opportunity to invest in.

Q: Are You Allowed to Discuss How ZarVic has Eliminated Risk and have Increased the Potential for Profit.

Stirpe: Without getting to much into how these deals are structured. I will say this, not all of the opportunities will close and we wont be successful, they will fall apart, that always happens, and always will. The upside to that is when this does happen the investor wont lose there principal investment dollars. We took the basic use of a option strategy and applied it. Meaning re-worked the core strategy of what a option does and applied it to our deals, we just integrated what a option can does.

Q: If Any Potential Investors Would Like More information What Would You Recommend They Should Do?

Stirpe: Speaking with potential new clients and talking to them about our opportunities would be great. They can contact us through our website, our phone number is there as well.

hopefully I answered all of your questions for you. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.

Q: How did ZarVic Get Started in This or Even Come up With this Strategy?

Stirpe: Originally we convinced a publicly traded company to acquire locations they were doing well at and use us to negotiate the acquisition price to acquire them. Our pitch was then and still is, we can negotiate harder and more aggressively because we tend to fly under the radar. Nobody knows us versus a major brand name trying to negotiate a deal, specially a acquisition. Why on earth would anyone reduce there price to a well known group that they know has money. So we did that with success, that led us into starting a commercial real estate fund. In the process of doing that the cap rates of commercial properties started fall and even if you were talking triple net deals, by the time you paid the debt service or even all cash deals, the cap rates were so low we didnt see the value in it, so we closed the fund. Which led us to where we are at now. Like anything, ideas build off one another, and sometimes you have to pursue ideas til the end, and sometimes those ideas dont pan out, but at the same time new ideas pop up. So its been both a process and a evolution.

Final Thought: As a investor, like many investors. Investment scenarios can be very interesting, and this concept does work. Still the structure of how they put these deals together is there own proprietary strategy. When looking at investments. This breaks down as a very conservative approach. Zarvic has created a unique style. My only advice, if you are interested is contact Zarvic Brothers at 800-773-2202.


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