Youth On Race Helps Foster a Deeper Understanding of Youth Race and Ethnicity

Youth On Race is a web-based pavilion to assist parents, educators, communities, civic and youth organizations in building a better understanding of race and ethnicity.

Discrimination based solely on race and ethnic background is arguably the most sensitive social issues hounding the globe. Essentially, racism is based on the principle that certain ethnic or racial groups are superior to others, with emphasis on the physical attributes - notably skin color. Invoking fear, hatred and violence, racial or ethnic discrimination has created the great divide among people of different cultures, even causing historic conflicts and wars.

Youth On Race, through the Web Pavilion, is an effort to help establish awareness on the pressing issue of racial discrimination. Mainly catering to the youth, the website is essentially an online magazine with informative data that help raise concern on racism and see beyond color and culture prejudices. shares the vision of companion site, which has been dedicated to increasing understanding youth race and ethnicity across the national level since 2008. particularly provides resources, research, digital media, and interactive dialogues and forums that youth and adults can access at their convenience in the privacy of their homes - both as individuals or as part of groups in public settings. Highlighting the essence of ethnic history, the website will be the mainstay, the "gathering place" to foster an ongoing conversation and to complement intermittent special events, programs, workshops, and other productions.

At, online structured dialogues and forums will be designed to capture the interest of youth to scholarly findings, historical, and current events to enrich understanding. The purpose of the dialogues is to create a safe space in which people can explore their own unexamined beliefs, tell their stories and learn from others. Similarly, the forums are also meant to create a unique opportunity for people to engage in meaningful, heartfelt conversations about a topic that is often painful and shunned.

To know more about the Youth On Race and its sustained efforts to end racism, please visit for information.

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