Releases List of the Best Yoga DVDs of 2012, a website that provides comprehensive reviews of Yoga DVDs, is pleased to announce its list of the Best Yoga DVDs of 2012 and other awardees from over 80 entries.

The increasing number of yoga DVDs on the market has contributed to the growing popularity of Yoga by enabling people previously unable or unwilling to visit a yoga studio to enjoy the health and fitness benefits of Yoga in the privacy and comfort of their own home. However, deciding which DVD is most appropriate for every individual's unique skill level and fitness goals can be a daunting task.

To help make this choice easier, provides high-quality editorial Yoga DVD reviews categorized according to style, instructor, and skill level. Of the more than 80 new Yoga DVDs released in 2012, editors have selected four programs as the Best Yoga DVDs of 2012 based on production value, workout quality, innovation, and customer response.

The best overall winner for 2012 is "The Ultimate Yogi", an ambitious 12 DVD set by instructor Travis Eliot. According to the editors, this year's best Yoga DVD is really a multi-faceted fitness, health, and wellness program which followers claim will "transform [lives] over a 108-day period" by targeting growth in every area of health and fitness, supplemented with guided meditation and mindfulness. also awarded "Tara Stiles: This is Yoga" 4 DVD set as the new DVD representing the best overall value. Showcasing lovely scenery and a lithe, flexible former model as an instructor, the This is Yoga provides enough encouragement to keep people sweating and breathing through every minute of the program.

Meanwhile, "Namaste Kid: Once Upon a Mat" and "Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Easing Pain" are named by as the best Yoga DVD for kids and for beginners, respectively. The best Yoga program for kids offers a resolution to ever-present distraction and childhood obesity issues hounding kids and their parents. The best-rated Yoga DVD for beginners, on the other hand, focuses on slow-paced stretching movements and breathing postures suitable for the elderly and overweight.

For beginners, recommends that individuals consider "Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Easing Pain," as a suitable starting point. Its slow pace and focus on breathing, help beginners maximize the benefits of yoga and help alleviate body aches and pains.

Developed by ancient Indian saints, Yoga is considered effective as a method to control the mind and the spirit. Yoga principles are anchored on the belief that when the body is healthy physically, the mind is able to function clearly and with absolute focus, while improving capacity to manage stress. Through Yogic exercises, people develop the physical aspect of their body, thereby heightening mental and social health development.

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