Xulon Press Spring 2014 Book Release Catalog Offers the Book "Roots" as An Easter Treat to the Christian Community.

Xulon Press spring 2014 book release catalog features the Christian Lifestyle book "Roots - a Metaphor & Acronym for the Christian Life" that Jerry Reese, General Manager of the New York Giants, called "Powerful."

Xulon Press spring 2014 book release catalog features the Christian Lifestyle book "Roots" that Jerry Reese, the General Manager of the New York Giants, called "powerful." This Easter, barnesandnoble.com , amazon.com and xulonpress.com gives you a perfect opportunity to get your personal copy of "Roots - a metaphor and acronym for the Christian life" at bargain prices. During this Easter season of reflection, "Roots" is a great resource to help you understand how important your Roots are to your spiritual life and growth.

"Roots" is an inspired eye opening book by Christopher Falconer, a passionate Christian and Sunday School Teacher, that challenges and encourages Christians to consider and answer a very important question Jesus asked of the Apostle Peter, and of all Christians today -- "who do you say I Am?" The book make a strong argument that our answer to this question will determine how we experience the storms and droughts (financial, relational and health) that are oftentimes a part of life; and the book identifies five important elements (i.e. relationship with God, obedience to His Word, opportunities for ministry, the truth that sets us free, and the joy of salvation) of the Christian life that can serve as our anchor and nourishment; much like the purpose served by the roots of a plant.

Roots are to a plant, what Relationship, Obedience; Opportunities to minister, Truth and Salvation are to the Christian—nourishment, sustenance and anchor. Every Christian can experience an abundant life - a life filled with joy, a life filled with hope, a life filled with peace, and a life filled with love; but, we need ROOTS to experience that kind of life. The book makes you consider that "maybe you are searching among the branches -- the world, for what is only found in the roots -- a relationship with God;" and take you on a journey to explore your Relationship with God, your obedience to God's Word, Opportunities for ministry, the Truth that sets you free and the joy of Salvation. Christians must plant themselves in the Word of God and the Christian lifestyle and not make it a pastime, or a hobby; but make it their life.

One reviewer liken the book to a spiritual feast, with five chapters that are served like a 5 course meal that leaves readers fulfilled and eager to share the experience with others. Instead of Easter eggs, treat yourself or a friend to "Roots" this Easter; and visit www.rootsforliving.com and share your experience with the book.

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