WORLD5 to Release New Single 'Maybe There's a Way' June 18

WORLD5 will release their newest single, titled, "Maybe There's a Way," to widespread critical and fan acclaim June 18, 2013.

The track is the second single from their upcoming LP release, due out in fall of 2013. "Maybe There's a Way" comes hot on the heels of their popular single track, "Man of Action," which debuted in March of this year and immediately shot to the National Top 100 Airplay Chart.

"Maybe There's a Way" is unlike "Man of Action" in terms of tempo and groove, being a mellower romantic ballad in the tradition of artists like Phil Collins, Sting, and Yes, whereas "Man of Action" recalls the clean-channel, poppy orchestra rock of 80s favorite, Joe Jackson ("Is She Really Going Out With Him"). Where "Man of Action" stood up and shouted, "Maybe There's a Way" leans in and croons. It is a heartfelt, touching song with hints of country around its edges and rock 'n' roll in its great, big heart.

As usual, the flawless, earnest singing of Grammy Award winner Pat Hunt claims much of the song's spotlight. The soaring lead guitar work of Steffen Goeres is gloriously clarion and prominent. Fellow Grammy winner Randy Miller's bass is precise and flowing, in perfect harmony with drummer Raimund Breitfeld's subtle power, the keys lay way back and create a curtain of delicate sound against which everything else stands out.

In other words, WORLD5 has recorded another spotless, almost painfully perfect single. "Maybe There's a Way" manages to be sad and strong at the same time, powerful and genteel, a work of great artistry with rock and roll as a canvas and classic rock sensibilities for a paint palette. Viewed as a pairing with "Man of Action," "Maybe There's a Way" continues to prove that music fans of the world have much to look forward to with WORLD5's forthcoming full-length album. With any luck, they won't have to wait long.

"Maybe There's a Way" by WORLD5 is available online worldwide 18 June 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer
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