Wooden Rocker is Potentially Therapeutic

Discover different types of rocking chairs and how to choose the right one for you.

Did you ever wish to be sitting in a rocker and rocking after a tough day, relaxing? The chair's rocking mechanism provides a smooth, soothing relief to a tired body.

Rocking motion has a therapeutic effect on humans based on science. Even though some of the rocking chairs are made of wood, with the help of cushions, they are very comfortable. In fact, Rocking Chair Therapy Research has information that rocking helps students with ADD and ADHD better adapt and focus in the learning environment. This therapy had a positive effect on emotional well-being of dementia patients in nursing homes. Anxiety and depression decreased and the patients required much less medication for pain. As an added benefit, balance improved for some of the patients. Studies have shown that patients with back pain are able to find relief because it lessens pressure on their lower backs. Furthermore, cardiac patients can reduce their blood pressure and their respiration rate by the rocking movement of this chair. Those that are looking for a way to get exercise, but simply can't manage to get off the sofa should gain greatly from this chair. Simply, rocking back and forth makes you use the large muscles in the legs and it's a sneaky way to burn calories. It is assumed that the motion of the rocking chair can accommodate the need to keep moving while these students are studying and listening. It has been concluded that new mothers recovering from C-sections reduced their hospital stay by a full day by rocking an hour a day. The back and forth motion can calm a crying baby, help ease any lower back pain on your side, and reduce the stress associated with interrupted sleep patterns. A study in M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Texas rocker therapy can speed up recovery from bowel dysfunction, a common side effect of abdominal surgery for colon, small bowel, pancreatic and liver cancers.
Proven or unproven therapeutic, a wooden rocking chair experience definitely brings wonderful support and comfort. Rock on!

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