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WIS3 Event Assembles Information Sharing Standards Community Leaders

The IJIS Institute successfully supported the third annual Workshop on Information Sharing and Safeguarding Standards (WIS3).

The IJIS Institute—a nonprofit organization that focuses on mission-critical information sharing for justice, public safety, and homeland security—successfully supported the third annual Workshop on Information Sharing and Safeguarding Standards (WIS3) on 27 March 2014 in Reston, Virginia.

The IJIS Institute, in conjunction with the Object Management Group (OMG), and the Standards Coordinating Council (SCC) - a subcommittee of the Information Sharing and Access Interagency Policy Committee (ISA IPC) - conducted the workshop. The interactive event was attended by industry, government, nonprofit organizations, and academic thought leaders in the information sharing standards community and provided both informative panel discussions on current topics and venues for attendee participation in meaningful discussions.

The keynote speaker for the event was Ari Schwartz, the White House's acting senior director for cybersecurity programs. Mr. Schwartz spoke to the attendees on cybersecurity- related privacy policy and President Obama's executive order outlining steps to protect critical U.S. infrastructure from cybersecurity threats.

Kshemendra Paul, program manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) spoke to the attendees and moderated a panel on Project Interoperability, a collaborative, participatory, and transparent start-up guide for information interoperability across all aspects of government and the private sector. According to Mr. Paul, the goal of Project Interoperability is to help government and the private sector identify a baseline of terms, tools, and techniques to create an information sharing network in mission-agnostic terms and for any type of information sharing. He stated that projects like the New Jersey Information Sharing Environment have used a variety of tools and best practices - such as the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), federal identity management, and Springboard - to enhance their information interoperability capabilities. Although these tools have always been available to the public, Project Interoperability (http://project-interoperability.github.io/) will package and disseminate them for broader use by the community. Mr. Paul encouraged the attendees to sign up for a free GitHub account and to reference the Project Interoperability FAQ to learn how to contribute to this project.

Other WIS3 panel discussions centered on procurement innovation, statewide information sharing environments, cybersecurity threat modeling, emergency management, situational awareness and real-time incident command, and the federal perspective on information sharing. IJIS Institute member companies, senior leaders, and senior project managers appeared in many of the panels.

For more information on the WIS3 event, please visit: http://www.kms.ijis.org/traction?type=single&proj=Public&sort=2&stickyparams=sort&rec=6991.

The next WIS3 event will be on 26 March 2015 in Reston, Virginia.

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