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You've heard the expression "There's nothing new under the sun," but have you ever thought about what that really means, or why that may be true?

You've heard the expression "There's nothing new under the sun," but have you ever thought about what that really means, or why that may be true?

As a media professional and fan, alike, I can't help but notice an ongoing convergence of the past and present.

One only needs to pick up a fashion magazine to see just how much current runway trends borrow from previous eras. And the crop of "new" films and television programs released by Hollywood each year is typically packed with remakes, adaptations and sequels to some past proven success.

Bearing these things in mind, this March, my team and I decided to observe Women's History Month in "Retro" fashion as a celebration not only of history, but as a celebration of legacy. We're of the opinion that, while historical events are often forgotten with the flip of a calendar, legacies impact, influence and endure for generations.
In "Health & Wellness," we'll explore how the ancient art of acupuncture works to relieve the stresses of modern living. And we'll feature some of your favorite celebrity yearbook photos in our version of "Throwback Thursdays."

In "Arts & Entertainment," we'll join the yearlong celebration of The Beatles' arrival in the U.S. with a collection of features about the band's social relevance and their revolution of popular music. Our "Fashion & Beauty" section will undergo a bit of its own "British Invasion" as we reflect on some of our favorite looks from this season's London Fashion Week.

Our cover story this month will showcase former "It Girl" turned Golden Globe award-winning actress Chloe Sevigny as she takes on the lead role in A&E's new dramatic series "Those Who Kill." From Boys Don't Cry to Big Love, audiences have witnessed Ms. Sevigny's incredible range as an actress over the years, and we're excited to give you a front-row seat as she takes on her latest challenging role.
Every time I find myself explaining the meaning of Wiles ("You know, as in 'feminine wiles'") I'm amazed by how much of a contextual disconnect there can be as time goes by. We live in a spell-check, microwave and upgrade world where notions like patience, longevity and long-suffering seem as outdated as an 8-track tape. (Not sure what that is? Google it.) But no matter how intelligent technology makes us think we are, there'll always be something we can learn from the past.

Wiles Magazine was founded on the strength of two fundamental beliefs: A) - that women can be both powerful and feminine, and B) - that traditional values and modern sensibilities can peacefully coexist. As we head into our third year of publication, we're grateful that each of you, our readers, continues to prove that we were right.

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