Wikistrat Issues a Challenge: "Map a Future Worth Creating"

International Grand Strategy Competition Draws Teams from Leading Universities and Think Tanks

Against the backdrop of dramatic political developments around the world, Wikistrat's International Grand Strategy Competition, the first wiki based competition of its kind, is drawing intense interest from teams at leading universities and think tanks eager to demonstrate their analytical prowess by mapping the future.

Wikistrat, which is already leading a revolution in geopolitical analysis and forecasting, is now applying its interactive model toward a revolution in grand strategic planning. Wikistrat currently provides businesses with the ability to interact with its innovative system to create scenarios, pathways and shocks-to-the-system, and explore them alongside the world's leading strategic thinkers. Now the firm is issuing a challenge to graduate students and emerging experts in the foreign affairs field who are anxious to put their skills and knowledge to the test to analyze and forecast highly relevant issues including the 2.0 revolutions, global economic rebalancing, oil interdependency, nuclear proliferation, and the implications of China's rise.

Managed by former Pentagon strategist and Wikistrat Chief Analyst Dr. Thomas Barnett, the month long competition, starting June 1st, will provide participants with the opportunity to test their skills with global counterparts and network within the community of experts while competing for a $10,000 prize. According to Dr. Barnett, however, the benefits of participation far outweigh the prize: "Wikistrat and I are very excited to pool this much young talent in the same cyberspace. You are going to experience what the educational system won't provide you and what your career will do its best to deny you - the consistent opportunity to think systematically about the future by thinking synergistically across a wide number of domains. Given globalization's fast pace of expansion and exponential complexity, these skills will be in higher demand than ever in the years and decades ahead."

Participants will test their skills, network with other emerging experts in a collaborative environment and showcase their analytical talents before an audience of corporate observers seeking to recruit up and coming talent. These unique opportunities are attracting accomplished students like Zach Miller and Elizabeth Betterbed, who previously graduated first in their class at Williams College and West Point, respectively. Both are excited to represent Oxford University during the competition. "Given the complex strategic challenges that exist in the world today, the Wikistrat Grand Strategy Competition represents a unique opportunity to apply our academic work to practical situations with potentially important, real-world implications," says Miller, who will lead the Oxford team.

"As self-aggrandizing as it sounds, we are coming together to map a future worth creating by developing our own myths about its best and worst unfolding pathways. Like most things in life, you only get what you give. So bring it all," advises Dr. Barnett.

The challenge has been issued and dozens of teams from leading universities and think tanks are ready to show the world what they can do. Will you join them?

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