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Why Is It a Surprise That Steve Wozniak Loves Android?

Ever since Steve Jobs passed away, it has become a fairly common occurrence for Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to be quoted in the press about how much he likes Android. He has said plenty of times how much he enjoys the Android platform and various

From the time Steve Jobs passed away, it has turn into a fairly common incident for Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to be quoted in the press precisely much he enjoys Android. He has said plenty of times how a lot he enjoys the actual Android platform in addition to various Android devices, and he continues to be publicly critical around the devices and software received from Apple. The most latest story even got Woz going as long as to say in which Apple should create Android devices, the industry bold statement given send out history; but, exactly why is it surprising received from Woz?

Anyone who knows their Apple history knows the dynamic between the actual cofounders was an appealing one, because both the had very different personalities and incredibly different visions for electronic devices. Steve Jobs had been the natural leader due to his strong, but abrasive personality. He specific visions for what will be successful, and he had been tenacious about making it happen. Jobs became the facial skin of the business because he had been the businessman.

How come it a amaze that Steve Wozniak likes Android?
On another hand, Steve Wozniak had been the hacker from the two. He was an absolute genius with consumer electronics and internal electronics design, and he planned to build computers regarding other computer nerds just like himself. If Woz got his way in the early days regarding Apple, the company could have make computers that had been hacker dreams that is certainly tinkered with and upgraded for your heart's content. So, it really must not be a surprise in which Woz prefers the actual mobile platform that is a hacker's dream: Google android.

Of course, Woz's vision needed a back seat to that of Jobs due to the fact Woz didn't have that kind of personality. He believed that Jobs will certainly make the company roaring success, and eventually he ended up right. Woz reached make amazing internals, though the computers Apple created were locked along by hacker expectations. They were simplified and put in place nice packages and became products that ended up easily understood with the masses. It was due to Jobs that Apple became the company that controlled the actual ecosystem from electronics to software for you to end-user.

Had Woz been in charge, Apple likely could have gained a cult reputation one of several Silicon Valley top notch, because the consumer electronics he built were the best around. But, Apple could have taken a totally different path. The Mac that everyone knows would be totally different, if it existed whatsoever. And, it is practically impossible that there ever could have been the ipod device, iPhone, or ipad. It almost certainly wouldn't have grown to be a company in which routinely gets coverage about the local news travellers have the a new product or service announcement.

Why will it be a surprise in which Steve Wozniak likes Android?

Woz never ever really bought straight into Jobs' vision regarding Apple; so, the actual question remains: exactly why is anyone surprised in which Woz prefers Google android? Is it because Woz was an Apple founder? If that's the case, that is the silly reason with best, not only as a result of way Woz provides always viewed technologies, but because Woz left the company in the mid-80s, right after the height from the original Macintosh rage, and well before Jobs made his resume the company within 1996. Woz stayed close with Jobs, but he wasn't part of the company for some of the products that are iconic for Apple company company.

Like most people in this support world, Woz is definitely a guy that has a passion regarding technology and each of the good it can do on the globe. That passion along with his friendly conduct and teddy tolerate looks are why just about everyone has a soft location for Woz. Although, can we stop being surprised in which Woz prefers Google android? Woz is a hacker in the mind; he always continues to be. If Woz ended up in his prime at this time, he would more probable be one of the minds behind Venture Ara, not the actual iPhone.

The Apple we realize was the design of Steve Jobs; and, just similar to Google employees use Mac computers, there are likely several Apple employees that own Android devices. Just because Woz is often a founder of the company doesn't mean he should be an eternal cheerleader regarding Apple, especially given that he hasn't proved helpful there in virtually 30 years. So, maybe we really should all stop receiving so amazed in which Woz prefers Google android to iOS.

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