Why International Students Are Braving Adversity to Study in Singapore

Singapore, 14th June 2014 - The idea of studying abroad brings to mind both excitement and wariness to those seeking to venture beyond their borders in the pursuit of knowledge.

While the novelty of freedom and experiencing a new culture may provide a substantial push to these students, the fear of the unknown, and issues such as safety and the language barrier have made some hesitant. Singapore as a destination for students, manage to address most, if not all these issues by being culturally diverse, politically stable, virtually crime-free, and all the while providing excellent infrastructure for its inhabitants.

Those seeking game programming courses, animation courses or education in other niche areas in Singapore, can look to specialised institutes like MAGES Institute of Excellence. The school provides education from diploma level onwards, and has linked up with creditable international universities, to offer programmes such as the University of London International Programmes. For those seeking more options than what the University of London International Programmes can offer, MAGES Institute can also offer degree pathways to well-known universities such as Brock University, Canada and the Institute of Technology, Carlow.

Its game programming courses, game design courses and animation courses are not only supported by experienced lecturers, but also provide link-ups with established companies within the industry, ensuring that their students are well-positioned to enter their chosen field, once they are done with their education. Having also been awarded with 4 years of Edutrust, MAGES has become an obvious choice for international students seeking to pick up an education in videogames or animation.

MAGES Institute of Excellence runs two batches per course yearly, and is situated in the upmarket central district of Orchard Road, Singapore.


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