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Why Hong Kong Wants To Preserve Democracy

Singapore-based Healy Consultants continues to promote Hong Kong as one of the great places to do business in Asia. Now with their expert assistance it is possible to incorporate a company in Hong Kong without burdening clients with travel.

Hong Kong democratic regime boasts preferred company requirements and the benefits of incorporation include:

• Quick setup in just a week;
• Share capital of only US$1.
• Only one director of any nationality;
• One shareholder of any nationality;

Healy Consultants shares its experience with the Clients, providing them much needed business know-how for a successful business registration.


Offshore business formations in Hong Kong are legally exempted from tax, on the condition that the company has no customers or suppliers within the city. If China increases its influence this may change

Hong Kong preferred tax regime

Hong Kong resident companies pay corporate taxes at 16.5%, which consequently is the lowest in Asia. Such companies enjoy great profits, which are free of withholding taxes, sales tax, VAT, import and export taxes and capital gains tax. Favorably, Hong Kong's 34 international double tax treaties with other countries help reduce withholding tax on payments abroad.

Healy Consultants is sure that reputable, tax-efficient jurisdictions will be the leading global trading entities in the next decades, making traditional tax-heavens less useful.

About Hong Kong Free Jurisdiction

Forming a Hong Kong company is a great way to liaise with global customers, suppliers, investors, venture capitalists, governments, and banks because of the minimal red tape and corruption, synonym to Mainland China.

Apart from boasting of an exemplary reputation, Hong Kong has also established itself as a one of the big financial hubs in Asia. Furthermore, the fact that English is the official business language in Hong Kong makes communication so much easier for foreign entrepreneurs.

If you share our opinion, that Hong Kong is one of the best places to do business in Hong Kong, Healy Consultants always has you covered with complete and cost-efficient solutions in this preferred Asian jurisdiction.

About Healy Consultants

Healy Consultants provide a full range of professional services which include the following:

• Offshore financial services
• Accounting and taxation
• Corporate finance
• Business start up services
• Corporate banking
• Global marketing services
• Company formation
• International trading strategies

Healy Consultants are professionals who offer quality services, which perfectly match the needs of our highly-sophisticated clients. We are also proud of the fact that our services are affordable and accessible by our most modest customers.

Our clients have access to an excellent range of quality products and services. We come with rich experience and a global presence, resulting in unique market awareness beneficial to your firm in more ways than one.

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