Why Being Your True Self Is Your Key To Finding True Love

In this Ask Dr. Love radio show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf reveals why authenticity is the secret to finding true love. She will be interviewing Ken Page, LCSW, psychotherapist, popular Psychology Today blogger and founder of

Beginning in childhood, people learn to pack away pieces of themselves in order shield them from the anger, mocking and disapproval of parents, siblings and peers. Before long, they have constructed a watered down version of self. This inauthentic self is what Carl Rogers calls the Ideal Self, which is the self people construct that is based upon what they think others expect them to be.

When people bring this watered down self to the dating scene, they're shocked to find that they either can't attract a partner at all or the relationships they form feel incomplete and lacking in vitality and genuine intimacy. How can a person create a satisfying love relationship when we they aren't bringing their true selves to the table?! Relationships based upon inauthenticity are ultimately doomed to fail.

But as Dr. Jamie Turndorf asserts, it is only by allowing their true authentic selves (warts and all) to shine through that someon can attract another person who loves them fully. In order for this to occur, they must learn to accept and love thmeselves first.

In this show, Dr. Turndorf will be interviewing Ken Page, LCSW, author of Psychology Today's blog: "Finding Love," which has received over 1 million reads. Ken is the founder of Deeper Dating, a dating event which has brought insight and intimacy to the lives of thousands of single men and women of all ages.

His psycho-spiritual approach to intimacy, called "Gift Theory" has received acclaim from prominent psychotherapists and personal growth experts and has been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, The Discovery Channel, Life Magazine, WPIX-TV, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Essence.Com, The Advocate and many more media venues. Find out more about Ken at or KenPageLCSW.Com

Tune in to discover why allowing one's true self to shine through is the key to enjoying the gift of a divinely intimate love relationship that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Hosted on, AskDrLove with Dr. Jamie Turndorf , is a live one hour Internet radio program airing at 1pm (EST) every Tuesday afternoon. Listeners can also call-in to the show and ask Dr. Turndorf for advice on any of their personal issues. Archived shows are available on,, , and iTunes.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a popular relationship expert and couples therapist, author, and radio show host known to millions around the world as the creator of the Web's first free relationship advice site. Originally launched in 1996, now offers thousands of free articles on every imaginable relationship question . You can follow Dr. Turndorf on Facebook and on Twitter @askdrlove.

Dr. Tundorf's advice and methods will bring greater romance and intimacy into your love life, so be sure to tune in or call in to the Ask Dr Love radio show and get help from one of today's top sex and relationship experts. As Dr. Turndorf says, "Knowledge Is Your Key To Happy Relationships!"

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